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  1. Thank you very much. I managed to get the device up and running. I was looking to modify this code to allow me to write data to the sd card and store it there until I decide to retrieve it without using the console at all. I would like to write a program that can write data from the sd card to a specific address in the card's memory until I decide to retrieve it, again using only the board and not the console. I have tried using the example given by TI but I think it has a few bugs, What I'm essentially looking for is a high level function that will allow me to write to and read from the
  2. I downloaded this code and uploaded it to my MSP430G2553. The program loads fine but whenever I try to use the termite console that you used I can't elicit a response from the board. I enter the same commands you entered in the terminal and nothing happens. The terminal says the board is connected and I can't find any serious issues. I am currently using termite version 2.9. Can you think of any issues that would prevent communication from the boar to the terminal?
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