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    If you're just after free shipping, the code OPT4FREE should work for the whole of 2018.
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    pH Sensor with MSP430g2553

    Post a schematic; there are too many ways to misinterpret your question's description without one.
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    MSP430 GPS

    I have had no problems with TinyGPS on a MSP430F5529. Given that the communication is Serial, have you correctly configured your '2553 for Serial? Your statement "doesn't seem to work" is so broad that there's virtually no way to offer any specific or more useful suggestions.
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    Just in case anyone comes across this in Google, I encountered a very similar bug in energia 17 and 18: code won't compile in user saved projects, but will compile if you copy the code into an example sketch. After several days of tinkering I FOUND THE PROBLEM, it seems that is you have a function name that contains 'setup' or 'loop' and you previously compiled to a different board, the sketch won't compile. once you change the name of these functions, the sketch compiles, and curiously, if you change it back it also compiles. so, to avoid this bug (at least my variant of it): don't create functions that contain the words 'setup' or 'loop' steps to reproduce: create a new project with this code: void setuptwo() { } void setup() { // put your setup code here, to run once: setuptwo(); } void loop() { // put your main code here, to run repeatedly: } compile for MSP430F5529 compile for MSP432 Hope this helps compilation log.txt
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    this was fixed a long time ago. https://github.com/robertinant/EnergiaNG/issues/10 are you sure you have the latest stuff?
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    My gut instinct would be to add an additional condition (a timer) to that while loop. I don't work with that processor so I am not sure of the implementation but here's my pseudo code: while ( (pcb != NULL) && (thisTimer <= ARBITRARY_MAX_WAIT_TIME) ) { ... } I don't know if that makes any sense to do it that way, but that is how I am thinking. Add in a second variable that *you* have control over. Then you can have a measure of sanity of something goes off the rails. YMMV
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    googling seems to indicate this is a known problem.
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    The TI store has 10% off selected LaunchPad and tools with free shipping for the next week. http://www.ti.com/store/featured/junemidyear2018.html?HQS=ecm-tistore-promo-junemidyear18-bhp-lp-null-wwe
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    Serial1 on the MSP430FR2433

    For anyone interested, adding the following piece of code in pins_energia.h enables Serial1: static const uint8_t AUX_UARTRXD = 14; /* Receive Data (RXD) at P2.5 */ static const uint8_t AUX_UARTTXD = 15; /* Transmit Data (TXD) at P2.6 */ #define AUX_UARTRXD_SET_MODE (PORT_SELECTION0 | INPUT) #define AUX_UARTTXD_SET_MODE (PORT_SELECTION0 | OUTPUT) #define AUX_UART_MODULE_OFFSET 0x20 #define SERIAL1_AVAILABLE 1