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    [POTM] dAISy - A Simple AIS Receiver

    Hi Adrian! I was in St. Petersburg, recorded the AIS broadcast and was surprised when I played it on the second frequency 162.025 at home ... it works too!))) But WDS is set to 161.975. Do you programmatically switch channels by RSSI level and after what time? If you can tell me where in the program it is. I'm not a programmer at all. Here's a video of how your dAISy looks at me)) 20190428_184322.mp4
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    My Lisp interpreter for microcontrollers, uLisp, now supports the MSP430 FR6989 LaunchPad board, with the ability to write text to the LCD display from Lisp programs: For more information see uLisp for the MSP430 FR6989 LaunchPad.
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