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    Sensirion SHTC3 temperature-humidity sensor

    Sensirion has recently introduced an inexpensive, low-power temperature humidity sensor SHTC3 designed for operation in the range 1.62--3.6V . It should be a useful peripheral for MSP430 battery-powered applications. I have tested 3 sensors with the F5529 Launchpad and they exhibit reliable, consistent behavior. For reference, I have written some demo code for I2C communication that is available on github: https://github.com/microphonon/SHTC3 The SHTC3 comes in a small DFN package, so to do breadboard testing I had to build my own breakout boards and use reflow soldering (see photo).
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    Sorry - busy weekend/work week Enabling pull up/down resistors should be sufficient for that problem - it's recommended for low-power optimization anyway. Looks like @NurseBob has done an excellent job answering everything else FWIW - I like Elecrow over Seeed, etc. I've always had good luck with them - and they have good customer service for the few times I've had any issues.
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