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  1. CoRTOS is a Cooperative Real Time Operating System for bare-metal applications. Its advantages over other systems are that it is fully documented with a manual and examples, is easy to understand and use and is astonishingly simple: The kernel is just 16 lines of C. The CoRTOS module compiles to ~200 bytes of code. The system includes optional modules implementing delays, timers, messaging, mutexes and signaling. It is intended for smaller microprocessors, such as the MSP430, Cortex M0+, AVR and PIC24, and for smaller systems of maybe a dozen tasks. CoRTOS is not a task sched
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  2. Rei Vilo

    Energia FAQ

    Some topics come aver and over again. Here are the most frequent questions. Wouldn't be nice to have all of them in one single place? Listed questions: Netiquette for Newbies What Information to Provide When Asking for Help I²C Check-List Porting an Arduino library to Energia Use Pins Number instead of Pins Names with Energia Add a New Board to Energia LaunchPad and BoosterPack Pins Maps Boards Supporting the Galaxia Library Netiquette for Newbies What Information to Provide When Asking for Help
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  3. Rick: I know that every time I grab code I edit it so it conforms to my needs, prejudices and sensibilities -- that makes the code mine, in a sense, and less foreign - and as I make the changes I get to mutter under my breath about the original author: "Bloody fool, what does he think he is doing." I expect any one using CoRTOS will want to and have to change it in some way and utter their own mutterings. So please, make changes to your heart's content with the source. In any work, everyone finds something to disagree on. What some find terminally annoying others find full of virt
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