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    Rei Vilo

    More CC3200MOD Questions

    We can consider Energia as a disruptive technology, in a way it allows a whole new group of users to develop on micro-controllers. Another strong trend is frugal innovation popular among companies, where a prototype developed with Energia may be good enough to be launched on the market. The major difference between Energia and other Arduino-like frameworks is, Energia relies on professional-grade SDKs. Energia is based on TI-DriverLib and Energia MT on TI-RTOS now SimpleLink.
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    More CC3200MOD Questions

    I will give you my relatively uneducated opinion for what it is worth... I don't think many professional C/C++ programmers (which I am not) would choose to use Energia in a commercial product and most commercial products do not use it. The same applies to Arduino. The reasons are many but there are exceptions of course. The most obvious exceptions are where the product is intended for Energia/Arduino users or it is a relatively simple application that fits Energia and the programmers skills well. I worked on a small project that used Energia and sold in very small quantity. See for example: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/CC3100_%26_CC3200_UniFlash_Quick_Start_Guide You can discuss this with the PCB board assembler as some have this capability. In any event, if you can do it, you can find someone else who will do it for the right price. If you are going to build several hundred of these you might discuss your questions with a TI sales representative.