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  1. rbwilliams

    Korg Monotron Duo

    Hey 43oh'ers! Just downloaded the schematics for the new Korg Monotron Duo. It uses a Msp430g2231 to process the ribbon controller. I wonder if its reprogrammable to accept MIDI?
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  2. I needed something to test my lm2576 3.3v switch mode power supply that i had built the other day, so i desoldered the male headers at the bottom of the launchpad and slotted in a cheap 2 way screw terminal. there is a tiny bit of over hang and only G G V are visible on the silkscreen but that is alright for me. im sure to use this for battery hookup in the future. if those 0.1" screw terminals weren't so damned expensive i would replace all of the other female headers with them. :twisted:
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  3. Sweato.. blogging this. i must look into this and try it out. Probably get the smaller ones(in bulk) and offer it in the Store.
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