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  1. JWoodrell

    usb project update log

    As an update (I will put together a blog to track my project, but for now...) Got my preliminary blog online HERE I got my transistor signal fixed enough for now, so here is what it looks like so far I have my G2553 feeding off a clock signal from a 3.3V 12MHZ oscillator (ACHL 1026 I got from mouser) based off of opossums post and code about using the signal from the Launchpad to clock it. So I have my accurate clock divided down to a 1.5 MHz clock signal I have my chip spitting out a JKJKJK signal (byte 0x55) just as a test I can make it go Single ended Zero to signal the end o
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  2. wagnerlip

    MSP430 Reflow Oven

    Hello friends, I built a garage-made* SMT reflow oven in 2003, used a simple glass NTC as temperature sensor. (*) we don't do those things inside "home", it is really made in the only place wife allow us to work on it, the garage, isn't it? [Forum doesn't allow me to post external URLs, it thinks it is spam, since I am a new user... remove the extra spaces below] :eh: http://www.ustr.net/smt/oven.htm As a sensor, I used a common glass NTC to a small piece of a regular Printed Circuit Board, so it simulates exactly what the real boards are receiving of temperature. You can
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  3. So far I have built two versions of simple message logger based on LaunchPad, first uses almost unmodified FMX-100 and the next one dropped top board and required some wire cutting on bottom board. I needed to use capacitor to smoothen the signal, 10uF with 2kOhm resistor to LED and opto coupler works just fine. So far I have around 100 hours recorded. Now it's time to concentrate on software part. Old receiver ZPA FMX-100: Inside: Message format, time is in secconds: Message recorded on scope: Logger V1: Logger V2: Receiver schema V0.8: Receiver board V0.8: Log sam
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  4. The goal of my project is to build ripple control receiver with some additional functions, main request was to receive massages and sent them via UART but current plan includes many more functions: - receive and decode messages - 4 relays triggered by certain message content - message logging to EEPROM with date and time from RTC - configuration will be stored on RTC DS1338 user memory - simple CLI via UART - 4 buttons and 20x4 character LCD interface - listing recorded messages with filtering Ripple control messages are transmitted to electricity distribution network, usually at 11
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  5. Try the above or try declaring tick as a volatile variable.
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  6. your delay code is probably getting optimized out. You might want to try using __delay_cycles() instead. Or even better use a Timer to get more accurate results. -rick
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