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    IMHO it's not good idea, erase full segment A. There is probably stored more device-depended constants, not only DCO calibration. (Look at page 644 in slau144.pdf - "SegmentA structure"). Better idea is simply write those 3 missing constants (for 8, 12 and 16MHz) into the empty space (empty space contains 0xFFFF, is writable...). And more important info: You thinking about data integrity in segment A? Write the correct info into 0x10F6 (TAG_DCO_30 and length of DCO table)? Recalculate (and write) new checksum for segment A? For those, who want correctly change DCO constants: - Save full contents from segment A into RAM. - Change (in RAM) what You want, compute new checksum, etc... - And then write full block into erased segment A. I suggest You: look at page 649 and 650 in slau144.pdf. btw: the last version is slau144f.pdf
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