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  1. RobG

    LaunchPad IR Receiver

    Since I did the IR transmitter, I figured I need a receiver, so here's my first iteration. For this project, I am using Vishay's TSOP38238, which takes care of detecting, amplifying, filtering, and demodulating IR signal. Output from IR module is connected directly to port P1.1, which is configured as capture input. Timer's capture/compare capability is used to process the signal. P1.3-P1.5 are connected to LEDs to show the result (LEDs are toggled so sometimes they stay on, it's not a bug.) The only problem with this design is that some remotes could have shorter off period, which would screw
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  2. jsolarski

    MSP430 tools for linux

    Original Post http://justinstech.org/2010/07/msp430-tools-for-linux/ The MSP430, has a working compiler and tool chain for the MSP430 uC you can find the Tools here http://mspgcc4.sourceforge.net/ and you can find the debugger/programmer here http://mspdebug.sourceforge.net/ sources used - http://losinggeneration.homelinux.org/2010/07/02/msp430-launchpad-on-linux/ http://eclecti.cc/hardware/using-the-ti-msp430-launchpad-with-ubuntu-10-04
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  3. Hi all, Browsing through DangerousPrototypes blog today, I saw Ian posted some info about TI's floating-point Piccolo MCUs. Texas Instruments has development boards with F28069 in memory stick form factor on promotion now ($11 if using the promo code Piccolo11 at checkout). It seems those Piccolo MCUs have far more capabilities than I'll ever use in my simplistic projects, but there are a lot of clever people in this forum who may find it useful You can see and order the dev board here: https://estore.ti.com/TMDX28069USB-F28069-Piccolo-controlSTICK-P2257C43.aspx?DCMP=F2806x&
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