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    Share pics of your workspace setup

    Well, since we're all measuring one another :shock: here's my workspace. Someday, I'll be able to afford walls. The kitties won't be able to sleep on my workbench then! 8-) Here's the command center. An Ikea Jerker that I got for free off of Kijiji: Flames happen here. Okay, I measure the amount of magic smoke I let out: Tiny parts go on and come off on this bench when it's not a crap storage area. I love my Leica microscope. I can see into my skin with it :ugeek: :
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    It depends on how "deep" is the sleep. If only the CPUOFF is set, it only takes n cycle of MCLK to start the CUP. If the source of MCLK is off, extra time is needed to start up that clock. If DCO is off but its current source is on, it only takes a few usecs. If the current source is off, extra usecs are needed.
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