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    Joby Taffey

    MSP430G2221 jar-of-fireflies

    MSP430G2221 jar-of-fireflies A classic project, re-told on the MSP430 Launchpad's MSP430G2221. Glass jars of LED fireflies which synchronize over time. A piezo transducer in the lid detects tapping and randomizes the pattern. MSP430G2221, 7 LEDs, 2 resistors and a piezo transducer. Cheap and simple. http://blog.hodgepig.org/2010/12/23/finished-fireflies/ Eagle CAD design files: http://wp.hodgepig.org/wp-uploads/2010/ ... agletar.gz Source code: http://wp.hodgepig.org/wp-uploads/2010/12/fireflies.c (mspgcc)
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