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  1. Last weekend I was doing a little photo shoot and I was in need of extra flash source. I have an old Nikon SB-28 laying around so I figured I could use it if I had a slave trigger. Sure I can buy one from Amazon for <$10 (dumb one) or build one using 555 (which would ignore TTL pre-flash,) but why not go one step further and use LaunchPad. Step 1, build strobe light. This is pretty simple, just add opto-isolator and write short program. FL1 connects to the center pin of the hot shoe, FL2 to the side. If you need a hot shoe, you can get one cheap from BHPhotoVideo.com, just search for
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  2. another project made HaD congrats. http://hackaday.com/2010/12/15/reading- ... ontroller/
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  3. just tried again the spectrum analyzer comm. and has more info for u. during development, i alternatively do flashing (via mspdebug) and running the perl script (host comm.). and when i do that, i always need to unplug / replug the usb cable when i do the firmware flashing. looks to me that the launchpad usb controller have to be reset and clear some status when i use the two interfaces (hid and serial) alternatively. if i am not flashing and just run the host script, i can reliably start a session (host script sends start comm. and end comm. at each session), ends it and start a new s
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