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  1. Here's an EagleCAD library for the 14-pin DIP value-line chips (probably good for any 14-pin DIP MSP430). I just corrected/modified the one bluehash posted from Enrico (his package design was too narrow [so to speak]). There is only the one part, with two package variants: oval pads and round pads. Hope this helps someone. (Seems odd to zip a 6KB file, but system won't tale a ".lbr" file. :? ) MSP430G22xxEagleLibrary.zip
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  2. I dont have eagle at work. Enrico had mailed me over a month back with his MSP430 Value Line Series Eagle Library. I've yet to publish it. I'm unsure if it does have footprints, but you could check and report back. Attaching here as a backup. msp430g2xx.rar
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  3. Was playing with my mbed board today... Pretty easy to grab a library and whip something up. Got it running my LCD in 4-bit mode using an existing library in about 10 minutes (including wiring on breadboard). The mbed would be good for embedding in a one-off project. With the ethernet, two serial, and USB connections, I'm thinking a web-enabled home automation project.
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