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  1. NJC

    ADC10 Vs SD16?

    I know my response comes a bit late, but I have worked with both quite extensively in multiple applications. The biggest difference is what gatesphere mentioned, the vertical resolution (how many bit's the ADC is) is much larger with the SD16. There are many applications where 10 bits is not enough (for example, an EEG). The other major differentiating factor is speed, the ADC10 is significantly faster than the SD16; if I remember correctly the SD16 in the F2013 has a maximum sample speed of about 4kHz. Remember that the Sigma Delta ADCs oversample the signal by multiple orders of magnitud
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  2. EDIT: Here's another really nice DCO calibration program. It's part of TinyOS-msp430. http://code.google.com/p/tinyos-msp430/ It's the file called calibrate-dco. As gordon, who discovered it said, "[it] appears to be a quite beefed-up DCO calibration app, with goodies on the side (taking silicon errata into account for various devices when calibrating)." It looks like it's built to be solid and reliable. I skimmed over the code and didn't see anything for calculating SegA checksum, but that usually isn't an issue for most non-critical applications. EDIT: maxpenna shared another versi
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