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  1. If your assembler doesn't already have structured control-flow, e.g. _IF _ELSE _ENDIF _UNTIL _WHILE etc (not to be confused with conditional assembly) then here's how to add it yourself for free, without needing access to the assembler's source code. http://dkeenan.com/AddingStructuredControlFlowToAnyAssembler.htm Structured control-flow eliminates the need for most explicit jumps, and the labels they jump to, and thereby makes your code more readable and maintainable. -- Dave Keenan
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  2. NatureTM

    CCS is coming to linux

    http://e2e.ti.com/support/development_t ... 61266.aspx
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  3. it was the crystal all along. the c example msp430x20xx_dco_flashcal.c (from slau80) has been working all right. i finally solder a 32khz crystal onto my launchpad, result became better but still give inconsistent result, result looks ok, but if i run the calibration continuously for a few times, they are always off a bit. i then remove and solder the ti supplied crystal and i can get very good results. . i don't need to tweak the code for tolerance on expected values as before. . i get consistent results if i run it many times in a row. . and the time to get it calibrated is li
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  4. GeekDoc

    We are growing!

    WOOT! NJC's back!
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