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  1. Here's the writeup: http://naturetm.com/?p=47 I've attached two versions of the code, one for use with an external 16MHz oscillator, and one for if you have your 16MHz DCO constant calibrated. Launchpad_TV_Out.rar Launchpad_TV_Out_for_calibrated.rar
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  2. well, i tried again the 'c' based msp430x20xx_dco_flashcal.c (inside slau80 examples) and managed to get it to work after tweaking it a bit. here are some findings for anyone who is interested. i look at the code and see that for each frequency it is not giving the dco any initial value, i thought it will take forever for the timer to reach the require clock ticks one step at a time. so i add some "guess" values so the calibration start at a close clock rate. and it didn't help, i still did not see the end of calibration when the led should blink. i look at the code again and it
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