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  1. well, i had kind of cleaned up the rtc extension for the 3p4w clock, now it's 8p9w. had stayed on my bedside for a week, using the alarm everyday, had not really measure the accuracy but does not need to adjust it for the week. there's also software i2c code (quite cleanly isolated) if anyone need to salvage a software i2c master. project here http://www.simpleavr.com/msp430-projects/rtc-clock
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  2. Here's an existing TI lib I modified to work with the Value Line series and CCS. Since the G series doesn't come with factory-calibrated DCO settings, I wanted an easy way to set the MCLK to 16MHz or some other arbitrary frequency. A TI library existed for setting the DCO using an external watch crystal as a reference, however it didn't work with the G series. It just took some minor editing. I think this should be nice for Launchpad owners especially, since the kit comes with an external crystal and a 16MHz rated chip. DCO Library: http://naturetm.com/files/Launchpad%20setDCO%20lib
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  3. Joby Taffey

    Minimal CC111x OS

    The Chronos watch is based on a CC430 - an MSP430/radio microcontroller. The pack also contains a CC1111 based USB dongle - an 8051/radio/usb microcontroller. I've written a minimal operating system for the CC111x, which should be capable of running on this device (without USB support). It's available here: http://code.google.com/p/pinkos/ (note - to get at the serial console, you'll have to do some fiddly soldering) It should be possible to use the GirlTech IM-Me handset and dongle units to communicate with the Chronos watch, the IM-Me units both contain the CC1110 chip. If
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