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    Motion Detection Wildlife Camera

    The project that I would like to submit to the November contest is a Motion Detection Wildlife Camera. It uses a re-purposed PIR sensor module from an air freshener to provide motion detection, an inexpensive key chain camera to capture images, and a TI msp430g2211 microprocessor from the Launchpad kit to provide the necessary brains. The project is described in depth at http://www.instructables.com/id/Cheap-Motion-Detection-Wildlife-Camera/ This link includes the code and schematic for the project. An overview of the schematic is shown below:
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    LaunchPad I2C Communication

    Yes, because the 2231 only has a 1Mhz calibrated DCO. You will have to setup the clock as 1MHz.
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    Need feedback on 43oh's mobile version

    I agree with cde... Wait... you changed it while I was posting! (Android 2.1) Looks good. I like the Twitter feed button at the top. I like that the post is formatted for mobile as well (my mobile theme doesn't). If you can change the background to match the regular site, I think you've got it perfect. Mind if I ask what plugin you're using? Now, if you could just get phpBB themed for mobile... BTW: The original site theme wasn't bad for mobile either, I noticed.
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    Need feedback on 43oh's mobile version

    Android 1.6 with 2.1 browser. Looks fine, like a normal generic wordpress on a mobile theme would. Only gives the post titles though. Be nice if it would also give the first line or two of the post.
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