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  1. In case somebody want to use that Launchpad's feature I made the connector with some 26/6 staples
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  2. Well, this is my entry for the November 2010 Project of the Month Contest. It is very simple and far less usefull than the others projects. The truth is that I wasn't participating until I saw the Chronos .So i had to come up with something easy and fast to develop. I was plaiyng arround with some leds and photodiodes in front of my pc monitor and I thought that cold be interesting to interact with the screen with the photodiodes or some other ligth sensor. that idea eventually ended up being a shooting game. I wasn't too sure what to shoot at but then i realized that the option was obvious;
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  3. some more suggestions should u remove the two jumpers (RST/SBWCLK) on the 5 jumper block? they may interfere. and your had jumper on your led?
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