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  1. Hello Everyone, The IRC was first suggested by Mystboy. Since there was alot of interest for an IRC channel, we now have one. Check the main bar link "IRC". Its a bit color cluttered up there, but we'll fix it. Channel name is #43oh.
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  2. @simpleavr i can send you one of my launchpads if you would like to play with one, sry it has been used once but still (dis)un-assembled. I would send the crystal and headers and the 2231chip and what ever else i can find that came with it. let me know if your interested
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  3. bluehash


    ... and we have IRC. See Announcement
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  4. cde

    Tip on unused pins

    Static, Capacitance, cross talk, and noise on a pin or trace can cause the voltage on it to be higher or lower than a reference voltage of vcc or vss. If a pin is not used, but soldered down to a trace on a breakout board, it acts like an antenna, creating the floating state, because it can change voltages from one millisecond to the next due to anything it picks up. It is essentially the same issue as a non-debounced switch. While you don't have an interrupt on an unused pin, the processor still sees and tracks the changes. A floating pin is to a microcontroller like a drippy sink is to a
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  5. Joby Taffey


    Hi, I've reflashed the IM-Me using GoodFET. It's pretty easy. I'm using Linux, but it may also be possible from Windows. I have a GoodFET31. It wasn't too hard to assemble, but if you haven't tried surface mount soldering before then you might want to read up on it first (use plenty of flux and get a fine tipped iron). Travis Goodspeed will send you a PCB for $5 (or nothing if you're a student). The IM-Me chip is a CC1110, which is an 8051 based microcontroller. SDCC does support this, but MSPGCC is for MSP430 only. The GoodFET supports MSP430 JTAG, but I haven't tried it out y
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