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  1. gatesphere

    MSP430G2xxx Tea Timer

    Here is my entry for the November 2010 Project of the Month Contest, an MSP430G2xxx based tea timer! I love tea, and thought this contest was an excellent reason to actually get off of my lazy behind and put this together. Below is my blog post on it, modified slightly to show the pictures and code here rather than just link to them as on my blog. Blog post is available here: http://blog.suspended-chord.info/?c=27 Below this point is the post: ------------------------------------------------------ Hello all, I am an avid tea drinker. As such, I make many cups of various kind
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  2. Joby Taffey


    Hi, I've reflashed the IM-Me using GoodFET. It's pretty easy. I'm using Linux, but it may also be possible from Windows. I have a GoodFET31. It wasn't too hard to assemble, but if you haven't tried surface mount soldering before then you might want to read up on it first (use plenty of flux and get a fine tipped iron). Travis Goodspeed will send you a PCB for $5 (or nothing if you're a student). The IM-Me chip is a CC1110, which is an 8051 based microcontroller. SDCC does support this, but MSPGCC is for MSP430 only. The GoodFET supports MSP430 JTAG, but I haven't tried it out y
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  3. sorry for the very delayed reply. been busy and had missed a week or so checking the forums and your new posts escape my radar screen (got flooded by others, i think, i usually just check "recent posts"). guess i didn't subscribe to this particular post. you are correct, the secret egg is an in-built pwm like tune player. it's my little way to make use of the left over program space and have fun (hopefully also for others). it is activated by re-positioning the buzzer from P1.4,P1.3 to P1.1,P1.3. it will be automatically detected and starts playing 'Fur Elise'. in hindsight i should ha
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