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  1. Just a follow-up. Finally sat down and soldered the sockets on. Easiest way that I could think of to make sure the sockets where nice and level (and straight) was to mount the sockets on a header on a breadboard. Since I didn't have one wide enough, I used two. And it also made it easier than using a helping hands holder. Flux helped alot. How do people solder or desolder/fix things with 15w irons anyway? The solder won't remelt a second time, and I suck at using desoldering braided wire. Anyway, the real follow-up is this. Made a small jumper from a 4 pin header, that brings p2.7
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  2. cde

    Choosing a MSP430 chip

    Found this nice brochure on TI's site. http://focus.ti.com/lit/sg/slab034s/slab034s.pdf A complete breakdown of the various msp430 chips, what peripherals they has, and what those peripherals do as well as explaining the different LPM Modes. Well, except for the most important question to us, SBW capability. Interesting to note, there is quite a bit of overlapping of the MSP430G line and the MSP430F20xx line. Basically, all of the basic options (Different type of ADC on 2 parts is the only difference), except that the Valueline chips are just cheaper (And apparently, use less power
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  3. cde

    SMD Size Reference

    Numbers are misleading. What you may think is big (or small) enough in your head, might not be the right size. Visuals help. Edit: Update Below. Clockwise from top: DIP 8pin IC (100 mil Lead spacing) Sot-23 3pin Transistor (50 mil Lead Spacing, due to 3 pin configuration, pin 1 and 3 are 100 mils apart) 0805 Capacitor Soic(Wide) 28pin IC (50 mil Lead Spacing) 2pin 100x100 mil Header 1206 Capacitor On a 2010 Penny for the size reference. The 1206 and Sot23 cover the date exactly. The 0805 isn't big enough to do that. The 0805's solder pads fit on the Soic's 50 mil spa
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