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  2. I'm on a mission from God to permit updating firmware on F5xx, F6xx, FRxx, etc. using TI's BSL-Scripter software and a generic USB-to-Serial adapter like the CP2102, which could be embedded in a project. As things stand, Scripter requires either a "Rocket" programming device or an MSP-FET because it is those devices which actually generate the pattern on /Reset and TEST that invokes BSL on the target device. I've written a short program that produces the special pattern on DTR and RTS of a CP2102, but when I run Scripter immediately thereafter, it brings both of those lines low and keeps them there. Of course that puts the target device into /Reset, so not much is gonna get flashed that way. I need to modify Scripter to add a MODE line or command line option called "INVOKE", which if present would cause Scripter to generate the required pattern on DTR and RTS itself, and leave them in the correct state. before doing whatever else it's going to do. The source code is available, but it's way over my head. It requires the Microsoft 2013 Visual C++ complier, and a bunch of third party stuff, including something called Boost. I have none of that, and don't know how I would modify the code. I did it for BSLDEMO, but that was plain C, with no third party stuff. So I wondered if anyone here had ever gotten Scripter to compile from the TI source, and if so, if he would like to compile a version for me (assuming I can figure out what to change). The only code I can find that deals with DTR and RTS in the source is in TestReset.h, but I don't understand it.
  3. Github updated with a fork for MSP430FR59xx MCUs. Developed and tested with the FR5969 Launchpad.
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  5. mph

    TI HDC2010 temp-humidity sensor

    Github has been updated with firmware for the MSP430FR59xx; developed with the FR5969 Launchpad. This was a non-trivial fork of the F5529 code as all the configuration registers are different. My Launchpad was unable to supply the ~90 mA of sensor heater current. By moving some jumpers, it can be configured to run from an external 3.3V supply and the heater worked OK. The heater is not necessary for sensor operation. TI sells a TIDA-01625 demo board that integrates the HDC2010, MSP430FR5969, and low power TFT display. They have CCS code on their github but it involves a multitude of nested libraries. The code I have written is very compact with all sensor and display operations contained in a single C program.
  6. . Hey Kreitzz, I would be interested to know if you have tried using sleepseconds with any different results. I am using the same board and am hoping to get low power sleep working as well.
  7. Markers

    Problems with Energia on MSP430 LaunchPad

    Hi Jcjc, If your follow the response stream above you will see that I had to rename my User file to remove a space I had in my name. It was a bit of a pain but eventually it worked. Regards, Mark
  8. LIJsselstein

    MSP30FR2433: SLEEP command not working correctly

    I think this is because, when there is no external XTAL connected, Energia (wiring) usually falls back to the VLO source (~12k Hz). But on the FR2433 the clock falls back to the REFO source which runs about 3x faster ( ~32768 Hz). However the code in wiring.h does not reflect this. Please look around line 144 in wiring.c (hardware/energia/msp430/cores/msp430/wiring.c): /* ACLK = VLO = ~ 12 KHz */ vlo_freq = 8000; /* Source ACLK from REFO */ CSCTL4 |= SELA__REFOCLK; Where I think it should be: /* ACLK = REFO = ~ 32 KHz */ vlo_freq = 32768; /* Source ACLK from REFO */ CSCTL4 |= SELA__REFOCLK; Since Sleep() uses the clock for timing and Delay() uses the CPU frequency for timing, this could explain your difference. Pinging @StefanSch
  9. NurseBob

    MSP430F5529 LaunchPad with FDC1004

    Best option is to post the code you're running, or attempting to run. Without such, it's almost impossible to diagnose what could be wrong in terms of the code. I'm sure you noted that the code you pointed to is both a different device with a different pinout. Also, do you have a logic analyzer or an oscilloscope? Very handy tools to see what's being sent. Finally, some I2C setups are very sensitive to the resistor values. Lower values (eg. 2k2) can make the signal transition cleaner, but increase power losses. And, if not an obstacle, a schematic never hurts either...
  10. mph

    MSP430F5529 LaunchPad with FDC1004

    You should be able to modify the code I recently posted that connects the 5529 Launchpad to the TI HDC2010. I think you would only have to figure out the relevant registers. There is some simple code on my github to read and display the slave serial number so I suggest starting there. If you want to use Energia/Arduino code instead of a register-based approach, someone else will have to help.
  11. Hi everyone, my proyect its working! I followed steps of this link: https://e2e.ti.com/support/development_tools/code_composer_studio/f/81/t/529036?I2C-communication-does-not-appear-to-be-working-correctly-with-Energia-and-CCS-How-do-I-fix-it- but in addition to replacing the files in the directory mentioned in the link above, I have to remplace the files in the energia1610E181\hardware\energia\msp430\libraries\Wire\utility The files are available in the link. thanks!
  12. Rei Vilo

    SHTC3 library not working in Energia

    Have a look at I²C Check-List Porting an Arduino library to Energia
  13. Hello, I'm working on msp430fr4133 board and interface SHTC3 (SENSIRION) sensor. I'm working on energia v.18 IDE. I've library of SHTC3 sensor based library.this library perfectly working in Arduino board. But same library and its example sht-detect not working in energia IDE. When I refer SHTC3 compatible library file .h and .cpp. if I'm comparing datasheet and library files then in .cpp not mention any hex address e.g Reset,ID, measure, sleep, wake up. So,I have a 2 queries : (i) How this file working in arduino without addresses ? (ii) How to make energia compatible code by using attached library ? Please suggest me sample code for SHTC3 (SENSIRION). PFA. Thanks & Regards, Pratik arduino-sht-master.zip Sensirion_Humidity_Sensors_SHTC3_Datasheet.pdf
  14. Hi everyone I am beginner and I want to use the adxl345 with msp430g2553 with I2C, but the example that I am using don´t working, always send 0 in the axes x,y and z. I use energia 1.6.10e18, the circuit have the pull'up resistor in SDA and SCL pines, and I remove the jumper of the green led. I used the same code but with arduino and it working but with enegia not, help me please. My launchpad is MSP-EXP430G2 rev 1.5 The SCL is connected in pin 14 and the SDA in pin 15. My OS is windows 7 When i put this function "Wire.setModule(0)" the mcu does make nothing, the uart don´t send nothing. The code is the follow: #include <Wire.h> void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); Serial.print("Iniciado"); Wire.begin(); writeTo(DATA_FORMAT, 0x01); //Put the ADXL345 into +/- 4G range by writing the value 0x01 to the DATA_FORMAT register. writeTo(POWER_CTL, 0x08); //Put the ADXL345 into Measurement Mode by writing 0x08 to the POWER_CTL register. } void loop() { uint8_t howManyBytesToRead = 6; readFrom( DATAX0, howManyBytesToRead, _buff); //read the acceleration data from the ADXL345 int X = (((int)_buff[1]) << 😎 | _buff[0]; int Y = (((int)_buff[3]) << 😎 | _buff[2]; int Z = (((int)_buff[5]) << 😎 | _buff[4]; Serial.print("x: "); Serial.print( X ); Serial.print(" y: "); Serial.print( Y ); delay(500); } void writeTo(byte address, byte val) { Wire.beginTransmission(DEVICE); // start transmission to device Wire.write(address); // send register address Wire.write(val); // send value to write Wire.endTransmission(); // end transmission } void readFrom(byte address, int num, byte _buff[]) { Wire.beginTransmission(DEVICE); // start transmission to device Wire.write(address); // sends address to read from Wire.endTransmission(); // end transmission Wire.beginTransmission(DEVICE); // start transmission to device Wire.requestFrom(DEVICE, num); // request 6 bytes from device int i = 0; while(Wire.available()) // device may send less than requested (abnormal) { digitalWrite(RED_LED,HIGH); _buff = Wire.read(); // receive a byte i++; } Wire.endTransmission(); // end transmission }
  15. Hello, I'm having troubles controling FDC1004 with MSP430F5529LaunchPad. I found the sample codes on this forum and tried using it (connecting SDA to P3.0 and SCL to P3.1. via 10k pull up resistors to 3.3V). It compiles and upload, but doesn't actually work- serial monitor is just blank. could you please help to fix this?) Thank you, Alex
  16. drosophila

    changing ip of TM4C1294 and rebooting ethernet

    Hi, Thank you for your help. I just tried to use EEPROM and it solved my problem.
  17. I was needed to do exactly same thing in my recent project and i lost so much time trying to fix this. I'll help you so you don't have to live through same thing : ) First = > You should remove all the lines after "SysCtlReset" line. Because after that line it'll jump to Setup() function and pause there. You should press "continue debugging" button to continue. If you are not debugging, it'll jump to setup() function and continue from there. You can ask me if you have any other question.
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  19. jcjc

    Problems with Energia on MSP430 LaunchPad

    Hi Marlers, I am a very new in this topic and I have the same trouble : msp430-g++: error: <name>\AppData\Local\Energia15\packages\energia\tools\msp430-gcc\4.6.5/include: No such file or directory but i don't know how changue the name of the user folder D: How resolve it? do you change the name of the folder? o move the forder of energia? Thanks!.
  20. mph

    Bosch Sensortech BME280

    The above github for this sensor has been modified to include pressure readout. Pressure is displayed in units of hectoPascal (1 hPa = 1 mbar). Typical sea-level atmospheric pressure is 1013 hPa. I tested at ~5000 ft ASL and get a correct reading of 840 hPa.
  21. zeke

    Bosch Sensortech BME280

    @mph Thank you for sharing this with us. 👍
  22. mph

    Bosch Sensortech BME280

    The Bosch BME280 pressure-temperature-humidity sensor is very popular for projects because there are breakout boards available from Adafruit and Sparkfun as well as a large library of code to interface it to Arduino MCUs. Not so much for the MSP430, especially transparent code to understand what is happening at the register level. I have written and tested some demo C-code that hopefully fills that gap. It sacrifices generality and efficiency for compactness and transparency. I use the F5529 Launchpad and communication with the sensor is via SPI using the UCB0 module. I2C is also available for the BME280 but not implemented here. Temperature and relative humidity (no pressure) data is obtained using the forced mode with periodic polling by the MSP430. Sensor and MCU are in low-power sleep modes when not active. Data is streamed to a terminal program that is interfaced to the Launchpad via serial UART. Each BME280 has unique trimming parameters that must be retrieved and properly parsed to convert the raw data. This process is quite complicated, so separate functions were developed to handle them and placed in an include library. My IDE is CCS 6.1.3 with nofloat printf support. This code should work directly in the MSP430x5xx and MSP430x6xx families. Other MSP430 series such as FR and value-line will need to make appropriate module/register modifications. Link to github is here: https://github.com/microphonon/BME280
  23. ironoman

    Energia Support MSP430FR6972

    I am trying to add MSP430FR6972 in Energia. So far i have edited board.txt , board.mk but the pin_energia.h seems alot complicated than the previous two. So i need some help in doing so. I think the way i am adding a new board in energia might be wrong so just point me in the right direction and i will do the rest.
  24. Hello, I have a MSP430fr6989 Launchpad and I have been developed code from Energia v.18 IDE. In our custom board we use MSP430FR6972 MCU. I am try to find out bard from Energia v.18 --> Tools ---> Board ---> Board Manager but not available there. and my developed code I can import energia into CCS but there are msp430fr6972 board not available. So,can you please tell me where I find out MSP430FR6972 bootload related files like board.txt , pin_energia.h , platform.h or board package ? and How can I upload new firmware/boot loader in msp430fr6972 ? Thank you. Regards, Pratik
  25. Markers

    MSP430G2553 Workshop

    Hi Zeke, Yes, that is exactly what I have done, and the end result is exactly what I needed. Thanks again for your help. Cheers, Mark
  26. Try this video if you are new to CCS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ppm8tSV7krQ
  27. Hi ! I am new to use TI processor and CCS studio... I have setup the Environment and executed the Sample programs provided in Evaluation Board. By using project_zero_app_cc2650launchxl & project_zero_stack_cc2650 , i am able to communicate with Mobile application... Now i need help in Creating a New project with my preferable name(Garimella_BLE_Project) and adding the required components/folders for BLE working .... Please help me in this .. Thanks & Regards Garimella Srinivasu garimellasrinivasu@gmail.com
  28. Fmilburn

    TI HDC2010 temp-humidity sensor

    Hi @mph It is good to see someone new contributing code. Nicely written and commented.
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