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  2. Así es que estoy trabajando en un proyecto de huellas dactilares con este repositorio escrito para el escáner que estoy usando. Estoy tratando de hacer que funcione con un MSP430G2553 en lugar del Arduino Uno. pero no doy para que funcionen y que el sensor de huella tiene la libreria en arduino y no encuentro la libreria para arduino si alguien podría ayudarme a agradecería
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  4. Hello, Is it possible to use the XDS110 debug probe with Energia? And if so, how? Best regards, -C.
  5. Rei Vilo

    REI VILO LaunchPad MSP430G2452

    Please refer to Device Pinout, MSP430G2x13 and MSP430G2x53, 20-Pin Devices, TSSOP and PDIP from MSP430G2x53, MSP430G2x13 Mixed Signal Microcontroller datasheet (Rev. J) and LaunchPad MSP430G2553 Pins release 2.1.
  6. @REI VILO i think the RXD and TXD signal are inverted on the Pin map from MSP430G2XXX: http://www.energia.nu/pinmaps/msp-exp430g2/ For me on the launchpad MSP430G2553 TXD output from the chip is on pin P1_2, not P1_1.
  7. jcR

    Using FRAM above 0x00010000

    "support has been added in Energia for the MSP430FR5994" but Serial1 is not working, and and even more unfortunate, the available I / O still does not support interrupt handling. I mentioned these problems since May 2018, Energia1.8.7E20 is available and the same problems are still unresolved. It is difficult to try to work with a chip that is very poorly supported by the ENERGIA teams. Sorry for this reminder, but please try to do something! I develloped a simple Lora gateway (Wifi+GSM/GPRS) from this launchpad and the results are good despite these difficulties of programming!!
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  9. Thanks molecule for your addition! Over here things worked out of the box http://docs.platformio.org/en/latest/platforms/timsp430.html
  10. molecule

    Mac: No such file or directory when uploading

    For anyone else, the steps to get this working are: Download and install PlatformIO (which is an extension for VS Code): https://docs.platformio.org/en/latest/ide/vscode.html#installation Rearrange your folder structure to be compatible w/ what PlatformIO expects (the readme goes into more detail). https://www.dropbox.com/s/0twl3np2yw8q0iv/Screenshot 2018-10-11 17.31.50.png?dl=0 You may also need to do a bit more work to construct a PlatformIO project file (my project already came with that, so I didn't need to do this step).
  11. NurseBob

    What are the types of MLCC capacitor brand?

    I think you have a lot of reading to do... MLCC - Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors are surface mount devices. You link to a through-hole electrolytic cap; a very different device. So, time to start looking at basic books/web references for the very basics of electronics. Your question is similar to asking: How big is a house? There is no sensible answer to your question. I'd suggest you might start with wikipedia as a first step. This is fun stuff, but you need to build a foundation of knowledge on the basics.
  12. DiegoPerGon

    TLC5940 - i just can't get it to work

    Did you get it work? I want to use TLC5940 for CC3200, so I wonder if you have a library for it? Or just for TLC5940
  13. As mentioned in your other post, yes, it appears that the APA107 is a drop in replacement for the APA102 LED. APA107_RGB.pdf
  14. zeke

    APA102 - simple to drive RGB leds

    @pololu The communication scheme, the physical footprint, and the pinout all appear to be exactly like the APA102 so it looks like the APA107 is a drop in replacement. APA107_RGB.pdf
  15. hmmm...pretty cool...can you use APA107 to make this ring? to reduce the cost....so all of us can afford it ....👀 I saw the APA107 is same with APA102, made in China, not from Taiwan, this is the datasheets: https://www.element14.com/community/servlet/JiveServlet/previewBody/87739-102-4-376328/APA107 RGB.pdf
  16. pololu

    APA102 - simple to drive RGB leds

  17. Rei Vilo

    Using FRAM above 0x00010000

    I posted a similar question at the Energia GitHub repository: Support for GCC MSP430 #63.
  18. munny

    Microphone MSP430F5438A

    Yes, I looked for the separate MIC options. And yes you are right Spark fun and Adafruit has their breakout boards. I'll probably go for those for my project. Thanks for your response.
  19. munny

    Microphone MSP430F5438A

    I really appreciate your time for the writing. It's very informative. Yes, you are correct about the MIC choice. I actually haven't think about that details still regarding the practical challenges. Especially with my system (Has other sensors in it), it will be very challenging. For data processing, I am dealing with MATLAB also. I'll follow the blog you referred also for getting further idea. Thanks a lot.
  20. mph

    Microphone MSP430F5438A

    I would suggest moving the audio electronics to a separate breadboard. You will have complete control of the front end: microphone selection, gain, filtering, etc. There are essentially two choices of microphones for breadboarding: condenser electret and MEMS. Sparkfun and Adafruit make breakout boards for both.
  21. NurseBob

    Microphone MSP430F5438A

    Using a mic could be a challenge. In the hospital respiratory rates are generally followed by tracking muscle electrical activity. Of course, with either approach, there is a lot of "noise" to deal with. EKG leads (which are often used to track the RR for someone not on a ventilator) are triggered by movement, such as turning, brushing teeth, etc. With audio, first you need a mic that's sensitive enough to even detect inspiration/expiration and then you have to figure out how to discriminate from the background. Based on your comment, I assume this is intended to be basically "real time?" Out of curiosity, I googled "detect human respiratory rate" and saw RGB-D camera to determine changes in the chest wall, radar, IR-sensors, paired electrode capacitance, and, perhaps the paper you read. I note in that article: "Some of the major assumptions include recording the breaths in a low-noise intensity environment." (my emphasis) Further, they're running Matlab on a reasonably powerful laptop. Also, in that paper, the author states the use of a "standard microphone." I have no idea what "standard" means - it's not a term used in recording. Mics are both interesting and complex devices when it comes to selecting one. (I do some voice over work, and have direct experience with those challenges). FWIW, you might take a look at Dave Jones' video blog. At least one of his interviews focuses on the challenges associated with circuits used to amplify audio signals. Regardless of your equipment choices, you have a very interesting, challenging project.
  22. EnsKlnc

    PROBLEM! MSP430G2553 LauchPad on Linux

    How can I program my LauchPad on terminal. Do you guys any know about it?
  23. munny

    Microphone MSP430F5438A

    I haven't decided yet. I just read a paper where the respiration rate is calculated with speech recording. That's why thinking if I can utilize the microphone from the board I have. Thanks for your response.
  24. NurseBob

    Microphone MSP430F5438A

    A quick google search of "msp430 microphone" doesn't yield much, but there are examples for recording and playback with the msp430FG4618. What type of analysis??? Your intended study appears to be very broad in its potential scope.
  25. I don't know if this has any application for Energia, but might be of use to someone at some point. I've been working on a way to embed a generic USB-to-UART adapter like the CP2102, FT232 or CH340 in an MSP340 project so firmware can be updated without having to buy a Launchpad. The newer MSP430 parts presented a problem because BSL-Scripter, TI's software for BSL flashing for those parts, doesn't transmit the special invoke pattern on /Reset and Test. Instead, it just brings both lines low, which messes things up. I gave up on trying to recompile Scripter, but I've written a Windows program that generates the pattern, and developed methods to disconnect DTR from /Reset after the pattern has invoked BSL, but before BSL-Scripter is run, which allows flashing to proceed with /Reset high. A full explanation, source code, executable, and schematic are in my Github repo. It all seems to work, at least with an FR2311 under Windows 7. https://github.com/gbhug5a/CP2102-with-BSL-Scripter-for-MSP430
  26. WhereIsSiewert

    Hi from the Netherlands

    Hi Joris, Hi Henk, good to hear you are ok, I send you a private message, To remind you about a few minor things... Would be nice if you could get back to me about that...
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