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  2. I was using CC3200 to publish sensor data to a MQTT broker (iot.eclipse.org). I was trying on a demo where sensor data is received over Sub 1GHz RF and using CC3200 uploaded to the cloud via MQTT. Everything was woking fine like 7 days, but for the last 5 hours MQTT publish wont work, device is connecting to wifi though. This is a bizzare scenario I get no error while compiling, but I am getting a new warning: Description Resource Path Location Type deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*' [-Wwrite-strings] Cloud_Gateway.ino /Cloud_Gateway line 138 C/C++ Problem for the line---------client.connect("myCC3200_gateway_maaislam"); & if(client.publish("mySensorData_maaislam",(char*)rxData)) Could this be a hardware issue or im missing something? Can anyone shed some light on the matter Please...I have also attached my .inofile with this post. Please note I am using energia sketch in CCS. (Same thing happens in energia as well ) Cloud_Gateway.ino.txt
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    Products using MSP430

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    CC1312R1 Energia

    Not yet but will be soon.
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    CC1312R1 Energia

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    CC1312R1 Energia

    Is CC1312R1 Launchpad supported by Energia?
  8. There's far too little information in your question to be able to answer. A screenshot or text file of the Actual errors will help point to the first problem. Debugging compile and link errors requires a structured approach, usually starting with a google search of the reported error statement. 1) Have you updated (ported) the Gamebuino-Meta.h for Energia compatibility? 2) Have you converted the bitmaps to a "C" representation - TI offers both sample code (CCS) and tools for that display with a '5529. Take a look at the MSPWare library for CCS sample code and comments, which may help.
  9. Arniewilkes

    Voltage regulator doesn't seem to be working correctly

    Thanks, for sharing this.
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  11. Hi, I am working with LCD Sharp BoosterPack 128 display and MSPEXP430F5529LP board. How I can show bitmaps on LCD Sharp BoosterPack 128 display with Energia? I included Gamebuino-Meta.h library but got the error " Error compiling for board MSP-EXP430F5529LP". Can anyone help me out?
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    Products using MSP430

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  13. It was showing up in Energia, just not in CCSv9...but for some reason its there now (pic below is what I was talking about). Coincidentally, wth the TivaC board added to fix the dslite problem and the msp432e appearing, the TivaC board doesn't show up...Should that one be listed to? It's just a little unclear as to whether or not all of the boards supported in Energia are supported in CCSv9. I know in the past there were some compatibility issues, I just wasn't sure if those issues still persisted. Regardless, the MSP432E board appears now, so i'm ok now.
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    Writing to a file

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    Writing to a file

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    Hosting Provider Help

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  17. Doesn't the LaunchPad w/ MSP432E EMT (120MHz) board appear under Energia MSP432E (32-bits) Boards as pictured below?
  18. Done. https://github.com/energia/msp432e-core/issues/6 I do see where you can create a new MSP432E CCS project in Code Composer 9, but it doesn't appear to be possible to create a MSP432E Energia Project yet...Is that correct?
  19. Please open a ticket at https://github.com/energia/msp432e-core/issues. Thank you!
  20. I'm trying to get Energia21 working with my MSP432E (which I'm still struggling with) and ran into a problem. The platform.txt file references dslite However, to get this version of dslite, I must install the TivaC board...which installs this version of dslite in .../Energia15/packages/energia/tools/dslite. It seems like there is a mismatch between the dslite version that the v5.19.0 msp432e board is installing and the platform.txt file jrd PS FWIW, now that I fixed this, I get a "Frequency out of range error"...I tried other versions of dslite (,, and to no avail.
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    [S]Nordic nRF24L01+ RF BoosterPack

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  22. Thanks for all the help riksta! I don't have access to my computer right now but I'm sure I'll be able to work something out with your instructions!
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    Anyone interested in grouping PCB fab orders?

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    SocketCAN help needed

    @yyrkoon I've been working on decoding various messages on my RV-C network. It looks like you have been able to decoded PGNs such as 1F0C4 (BATT_DUEX_STATUS) and 1F0C5 (DC Source Status). Are these PGN's documented somewhere? I've been searching the web and haven't found them yet. Just came across you very helpful posts. Thanks
  26. I'm not an OSX person so I'm not familiar with what people use for the msp430. However, this seems to be available for download to program your device: http://software-dl.ti.com/msp430/msp430_public_sw/mcu/msp430/MSP430Flasher/latest/index_FDS.html
  27. I did look at the CCS 9 zip download for OSX. It does contain a msp430-elf-gcc. You need to look harder for it. Install CCS and the msp430-elf-gcc and you will have all the command line tools you need.
  28. Sometimes the MSP430-GCC-OPENSOURCE is not exactly the same revision. The msp430f5529 is old in terms of the compiler. It is probably fine for what you are doing. The mspdebug is the opensource programmer I use for msp430 chips. https://github.com/dlbeer/mspdebug For the msp430f5529 launchpad you can use: $ mspdebug tilib 'prog foo.out' CCS also provides a gdb proxy program. I've used it but I find mspdebug more convenient. I can run mspdebug on a raspberry pi, that is never going to happen with CCS. If you have installed dslite that will allow you to upload. Look at how energia uses it. Attached is a simple project I have for the msp430fr6989. You will have to change it for the msp430f5529. $ unzip msp430fr6989.zip $ cd msp430fr6989 $ source env.sh $ make V=1 clean all blink.install msp430fr6989.zip BTW: This zip has a .vscode/c_cpp_properies.json file I use for code indexing. You will have to change it for the msp430f5529
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