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  2. Hi Guys! I am working with an msp430fg4618 so it's a really old design; therefore, it needs some really old tools. I have tried V5.7-6 and it cannot see the MSP-FET430UIF programmer. It probably has something to do with 32 bit vs 64 bit drivers. Would anyone out there have a copy of the Elpotronics FlashPro430 installation program? Somewhere around year 2012 vintage? Thanks!
  3. Have you tried scanning the whole I2C address space on the bus to see if you get a response from anything? Here's an article on how to scan the I2C bus: https://hackaday.com/2015/06/25/embed-with-elliot-i2c-bus-scanning/
  4. Hi Everybody! I have recently noticed that TI has come out with the ARM M0 based MSPM0 line of mcu's. I haven't grabbed a dev kit yet but here are links to two of them: https://www.ti.com/tool/LP-MSPM0L1306 https://www.ti.com/tool/LP-MSPM0G3507 Here is their MSPM0 MCU Academy page if you want to learn more about them. Has anyone out there tried them out yet? Hmm... after checking stock levels, I am not sure what MSPM0s are actually available right now. They might all be eXperimental (XMSPM0) classified at the moment.
  5. Hi Everyone, for some time I'm trying to get a BMI160 IMU working with the MSP430 (G2231) on the launchpad. I've written both my own code and used the I2C example from TI. With both, I had no luck when sending the slave address to receive an ACK from the slave. First thought this might be due to my code, but the code works when using a different sensor on the Bus. Now I have tried different Bosch sensors on the bus, another BMI160, and a BMP280 (Environmental Pressure sensor). All with the same problem, I don't get any ACK from the Slave - even if I run all slave address up to 0xFF
  6. Hi Everybody! Yeah, it sure has been a looooong time since I've been here! I hope you are all still alive and kicking! I am starting to get back into the msp430 stuff as a result of getting a new job. It's fascinating to see that CCS is now at V12! My last installed version was V8! I'll keep monitoring the forums and see who comes around to the old watering hole!
  7. Read the answer at https://forum.43oh.com/topic/36177-install-fmwhatsapp-app-on-msp430/?do=findComment&comment=122731
  8. The developer of FM WhatsApp has released latest version which is 9.65, Is anyone able to use this latest varient on MSP?
  9. Hi everyone, It's weird to see all these familiar usernames after what 4 years? decided to take a break on all of this and now I am finally back in the embedded world, both professionally and hobby :D. So decided to see if anyone was still around
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