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  2. Edit: I will also add this is the Animal Crossing Bells first AC game I have played. I adore New Leaf. Likely 300+ hours inside. New horizons stinks for me because the crafting is limiting and dull, breakable tools are bullshit, qr codes are all secured behind online, and it seems just like a grindy cellular game--with the corner miles particularly. Also, the fan base can be. . .intense, in words that are respectful. The game is quite much"do whatever you want as long as you do it this way". The previous games had more liberty. I do not have a favorable review for youpersonally, but hopefully I outlined my motives more obviously than"just dull" I enjoy the game. I believe if they genuinely indicate that they mean to evolve the match, rather than do the BS which GameFreak does using Pokemon(where they include a new mechanic but eliminate so much it seems like a step backwards), then I'm excited about that. The game does have some serious flaws that need to be dealt with at the next iteration for it to be a bonded purchase from me, however. Villagers would be the big one. The character types are too indistinguishable, and we want variations on each personality(eg Snooty Villager A is a sass queen who is more inclined to create lines about how'quaint' the decoration she is next to is, while Snooty Villager B is an art-lover who is more likely to generate a line about the artistic values of the decoration). It is odd to to have two villagers using the exact same personality, and it necessarily makes you feel as a third-wheel because you don't think they're as adorable as the other is. Likewise, we just plain need additional lines for each villager type because the replica actually kills the illusion of these animals being your friends. It'd be nice to have the ability to, say, invite them over to your home or let them meet you in the memorial within one hour or something. Another huge shortcoming of the show is the lack of depth with thing interactivity. More things will need to be interactive(eg you should be able to lounge at pools just like you can with seats ), and lots of things need to be more striking when utilized (eg that the cannon should create a genuine cannonball as a substitute for a sad puff of smoke, and arcades need to have a tiny mini-game attached). This is particularly true of larger items that take up a great deal of buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items space. For how big it is, it is quite annoying that I can't get in the teacup ride.
  3. Yeah I'm trying to discern what makes this year's game worse than the previous ones and it's hard to locate any real reasons. It's all"it's only bad""it's terrible" but I really don't find any remarks regarding a broken game or anything like that. I know if some people don't like Madden in principle and how there are not any choices for football games, but I'd like to know what makes 21 the worst rated game ever. I've been saying for years that as a fan of sports games, I am totally at the Madden 21 coins point at which I would rather see someone aside from EA or 2K create a sports game, even though it doesn't have a pro league license. Make it super customizable, create the franchise mode really robust, and just make it a fantastic match without being weighed down by microtransaction BS and I will 100% not attention I can't play as my favorite team. I have not bought a sports match in years. Each one of the exclusivity deals fucked the quality. NHL has been fucking brutally bad, Madden is only yawn-worthy. The only baseball game you'll be able to get is ONLY on the Playstation, and also The NBA2K series is simply fucking trash. EA gets off with stripping out features and"streamlining" their sport games every year whilst still making absurd money. It's crazy. It is basically impossible to install plays in NHL 20 because as possible as you move on the offensive you get checked out of existence with an abysmal bumrush of opposing players. It merely becomes a twisted moshpit since there's no mechanic for jostling over the puck like there was. And do not get me started on the significance for poke checking, in case your rod goes inside 12 feet of another guy's skates you wind up on the PK. You may as well not even bother with poke checking. The most peculiar thing about this is Madden will get cheated on PC like it had been scrapped before. "Not enough interest." NO, it's because the game is shit, the port is shit and it's literally going to be a generation behind when PS5 rolls out. Calling it right now. You somehow screw up even greater than expected. It's almost magical. Shout out for 2MD VR Soccer, if you've got a VR headset and a arm you can find a fairly good sense of where sport sims may be moving. Plus it's cheap and enjoyable. Here is an idea... Instead of releasing bloated games which require multiple install patches with all this monetisation, why don't you just charge the actual cost of the game, make it perform to win and let it be. Stop working on expansion packs and bolt-on additions and only make the buy Madden nfl 21 coins game better in the first location. Now I don't even feel like purchasing video games. Do your self a favor. Find all pro football 2k8 and perform it. I purchased an old Xbox just so I can play with and upgrade the game through user stains. You will never play Madden again. I wish someone would make a proper mutant league soccer game for PC. One that is really fun. The Blood Bowl games were just garbage.
  4. Be brave, but be traditional -- We've got a great match, and a RS gold great group of people that play it. In fact, were becoming close to 200 million accounts being made! That is a massive number and while we want to generate an exciting, intriguing new Combat encounter - we don't want to turn RuneScape into something which's unrecognisable to everyone. Firstly, the new combat abilities are a development of the old special attack system. The main difference is that you now have a range of Basic attacks to help generate the adrenaline required to utilize more powerful abilities, rather than simply waiting for a special attack bar to refill over time. At the same time that you'll kill quickly if you make use of the new mechanisms, you'll still collect adrenaline - and, consequently, have access to Threshold and Ultimate abilities - if you prefer to just sit back and auto-attack just as before. You do not have to specialise in RuneScape Likewise, despite the action bar being a huge part of RuneScape in the future, we aren't forcing everyone to interact with it. If you want to keep interacting with RuneScape as you did earlier, you can, and you won't be handicapped by doing this -- really, it'll be possible to minimise the activity bar if you would like to maintain your UI clean. We've also stuck to our roots of liberty of choice. We're proud of the fact that you don't have to specialise in RuneScape, and we never plan to create a class system which locks out gameplay based on the choices you made when you created your account. I can not say too much just yet, but we are making a lot of really cool changes to ensure that, however you develop your character, you'll have an array of viable combat options that are available to you. Stay tuned for much more information in a future Og Blog! Simplify code and balancing. The RuneScape code base has over a decade of development layered on it, also can be a tricky place for developers to work. Starting fresh with a centralised system means that we can spend time grappling with our code legacy and more time making awesome content that you enjoy. It's also the ideal time to rebalance lots of the items that are poorly represented in the present game (such as adding more advantage to 2h equipment during melee and ranged, and restructuring'weakening' spells), and reconsider the things we believe to become too powerful. It follows that every single piece of gear will have strategic choices associated with it, through its stats, related NPC weaknesses, and abilities accessible while using it. As I've mentioned previously, the association between DPS and healing right now makes incorporating higher levelled gear very tough, so we're rebalancing all of that too, giving gamers the ability to have lots more life points by wearing more armour. This, then, provides us the liberty to release larger and better equipment in the future that is buy rs gold paypal for much more suited to our elite players (those with one or more combat-related levels at 90+).
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  6. Hi, I was using my cc3220sf and it was working fine but when I changed a few wires connected to the board while it was working and tried to upload the code (using energia), it gave me this error: Fatal: CS_DAP: Error connecting to the target: (Error -1170 @ 0x0) unable to access the DAP. Ps1. I have another program on sFlash and when I pluged the usb I didn't wait for that to start working and I just uploaded the new code. Ps2. I didn't change the sop configuration and it's still 010. The device manager can see Both XDS110 class application UART and auxiliary Data port. I tried to reset the board this ways: 1. Put SOP as 000. Unplug the usb. Press switch 1 and while holding it, plug the usb back. 2. Put SOP as 000. Unplug the usb. Press switch 4 and while holding it, plug the usb back. Any recommendations would be appreciated. What can I do to fix this? Thanks 😊
  7. Yes, that appears to work. See below.
  8. Yes, of course you can do that. Just for the Launchpad the numbering is always done on the boarder of the PCB = Pin Headers of the board, as this is the point where a typical user would connect something. If you prefer for your own board to have the device pin numbers used - you can do that. Doing the updates as you mentioned above should do that 🙂 To get the board in the GUI you need to - add a device in the variants folder - as just discussed with the update of the pins_energia.h file - add a section into the boards.txt file (located in the folder above) in a section the name before the dot needs to be identical (all lines need to start with that) and this name needs to be unique So take the existing MSP430F5994 part, replace the name before the dot and the name = display name in the selection drop down menu
  9. Ok, just to be sure I understand what I'm supposed to do. So, I can ignore that for the launchpad they used the pin numbers for the headers, instead of the pin out on the 80 pin chip on the board, and replace it with the pin out of the 48 pin package that I used on my custom board. At line 45, I would change to SS0 = 16 because that's the pin that P4.0 is on the 48 pin package (if I had used that as the EUSCI_B0 chip select pin) line 216, I'll shorten the whole section to be 48 long, and match the pins to their function. So, whatever line is pin 16 will be: static const uint8_t P4_0 = 16; And then the arrays down below, I shorten them to be 49 long, since there is no pin 0, and rearrange them so the pins correspond to the position in the array. So, for example, digital_pin_to_timer[11] or the 12th line of the array would be : T0B2, /* 11 - P1.5 */ because on pin 11 there's the timer TB0.2 and the digital pin 1.5, even changing the comments so I don't confuse myself in case I have to come back to it in a few months. And then do the same for the other arrays. Did I miss anything? Other than trying to make the new board variant show up in the IDE, and maybe using different pins in the section at line 45 because I used EUSCI_A1 for spi, instead of B0. I'll make new threads for those if I can't figure them out. Thank you so much!
  10. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help? I am trying to drive a servomotor using MSP-EXP430F5529LP. I need to drive the servo to a position, then I disconnect power to the servo using an analog switch. The servo isn't under any great load, so it doesn't move when power is disconnected. Problem is MSP430 is still drawing ~ 525 uA. When I comment out myservo.attach(P2_5), the current consumption drops to the desired 2 uA. I've stripped away most of the code to aid debugging (see below). As far as I can tell, servo.attach() is what's causing the problem. I've read elsewhere that servo.detach() simply stops PWM signals from reaching the previously attached pin (P2_5) and that the timer is still running. Presumably this is why I'm drawing so much current. Can I just set the mode control bit in the TACTL register to stop the timer? Not sure if this would be enough? #include <Servo.h> Servo myservo; void setup() { P1DIR |= BIT0+BIT1+BIT2+BIT3+BIT4+BIT5+BIT6+BIT7; P1OUT &= (~BIT0)+(~BIT1)+(~BIT2)+(~BIT3)+(~BIT4)+(~BIT5)+(~BIT6)+(~BIT7); P2DIR |= BIT0+BIT1+BIT2+BIT3+BIT4+BIT6+BIT7; P2OUT &= (~BIT0)+(~BIT1)+(~BIT2)+(~BIT3)+(~BIT4)+(~BIT6)+(~BIT7); P3DIR |= BIT0+BIT1+BIT2+BIT3+BIT4+BIT5+BIT6+BIT7; P3OUT &= (~BIT0)+(~BIT1)+(~BIT2)+(~BIT3)+(~BIT4)+(~BIT5)+(~BIT6)+(~BIT7); P4DIR |= BIT0+BIT1+BIT2+BIT3+BIT4+BIT5+BIT6+BIT7; P4OUT &= (~BIT0)+(~BIT1)+(~BIT2)+(~BIT3)+(~BIT4)+(~BIT5)+(~BIT6)+(~BIT7); P5DIR |= BIT0+BIT1+BIT2+BIT3+BIT4+BIT5+BIT6+BIT7; P5OUT &= (~BIT0)+(~BIT1)+(~BIT2)+(~BIT3)+(~BIT4)+(~BIT5)+(~BIT6)+(~BIT7); P6DIR |= BIT0+BIT1+BIT2+BIT3+BIT4+BIT5+BIT6+BIT7; P6OUT &= (~BIT0)+(~BIT1)+(~BIT2)+(~BIT3)+(~BIT4)+(~BIT5)+(~BIT6)+(~BIT7); P7DIR |= BIT0+BIT1+BIT2+BIT3+BIT4+BIT5+BIT6+BIT7; P7OUT &= (~BIT0)+(~BIT1)+(~BIT2)+(~BIT3)+(~BIT4)+(~BIT5)+(~BIT6)+(~BIT7); P8DIR |= BIT0+BIT1+BIT2; P8OUT &= (~BIT0)+(~BIT1)+(~BIT2); myservo.attach(P2_5); delay(100); myservo.detach(); } void loop() { suspend(); }
  11. Hi, you are right the pins_energia.h file is the correct location for that. Just let me give you one example of how the mapping works. (line numbers are based on latest released version (1.0.7) line 45 : = pin header static const uint8_t SS0 = 47; /* P4.0 */ line 216: = pin header static const uint8_t P4_0 = 47; Beginning with line 457 the mapping from the pin header to the device function is done With the function above line 505 - tells it has not Timer line 560 - tell it is on Port 4 line 615 - tell it is on Port4 but now more explicit on Port 4.0 line 670 - tell is has Analog input 8 The final mapping can now be found in the datasheet. Check for mapping of Port 4.0 to the pin mapping of the device variant.
  12. Hi, I'm new in embedded world and it is my first time with MSP432P401R and CC2650 BoosterPack. I'm using Energia IDE and I saw a BLE Library for Energia. It has 2 examples and I'm testing the specifically one: BLEInputOutput. I have flashed CC2650 as was indicated with proper .hex file In Android, with app: BLE Scanner, the example is working well. However, in Windows, I have paired my device (with the PIN), but in a few seconds its state changes from connected to paired and it is impossible to connect with it again! I don't know if it is a known problem with the library or someone could use it correctly. After many hours searching, I have not found anything to resolve it. I was planning to use it for a univerity project so I would thanks you for the help!! PD: this is my log: 20:34:14.825 -> RPC:Set adv name 20:34:14.825 -> BLE I/O Demo 20:34:14.825 -> RPC:Set adv data 20:34:14.825 -> Type:3 20:34:14.825 -> Rec msg 0x43:SNP_SET_ADV_DATA_CNF 20:34:14.825 -> RPC:Start adv 20:34:14.825 -> RPC:Set adv data 20:34:14.825 -> Type:1 20:34:14.825 -> Rec msg 0x43:SNP_SET_ADV_DATA_CNF 20:34:14.825 -> Rec msg 0x08:SNP_ADV_STARTED_EVT 20:34:14.825 -> RPC:Set sec param 20:34:14.825 -> ParamId:1 20:34:14.825 -> ERR 0x19 20:34:14.825 -> RPC:Set sec param 20:34:14.825 -> ParamId:0 20:34:14.825 -> ERR 0x19 20:34:14.825 -> RPC:Set sec param 20:34:14.825 -> ParamId:2 20:34:14.825 -> ERR 0x19 20:34:14.825 -> BLE Energia Buttons/LED Demo 20:34:14.825 -> Rec msg 0x01:SNP_CONN_EST_EVT 20:34:14.825 -> connInterval:36 20:34:14.825 -> slaveLatency:0 20:34:14.825 -> supervisionTimeout:960 20:34:14.860 -> Rec msg 0x10:SNP_ADV_ENDED_EVT 20:34:14.894 -> Rec msg 0x20:SNP_ATT_MTU_EVT 20:34:14.928 -> mtu:244 20:34:15.503 -> Rec msg 0x80:SNP_AUTHENTICATION_EVT 20:34:15.537 -> Check if equal:870760 20:34:15.537 -> Press button1 if equal, button2 if not. 20:34:21.494 -> RPC:Send num cmp rsp 20:34:21.494 -> ERR 0x7F 20:34:22.004 -> Rec msg 0x40:SNP_SECURITY_EVT 20:34:22.038 -> state:1 20:34:22.073 -> Rec msg 0x40:SNP_SECURITY_EVT 20:34:22.107 -> state:3 20:34:22.177 -> Rec msg 0x04:SNP_CONN_PARAM_UPDATED_EVT 20:34:22.246 -> connInterval:12 20:34:22.794 -> Rec msg 0x04:SNP_CONN_PARAM_UPDATED_EVT 20:34:22.864 -> connInterval:36 20:34:25.778 -> Rec msg 0x02:SNP_CONN_TERM_EVT 20:34:25.812 -> Rec msg 0x08:SNP_ADV_STARTED_EVT
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  14. I've been trying to get an Energia sketch for the MSP430FR5994 LaunchPad Development Kit to work with a custom board I made. I used a different MSP430FR5994 package than the one on the launchpad so I need to change the pins used. It sounds like typically the way to do that is to create a new board variant with its own pins_energia.h file with the pins changed. But, it looks like the FR5994 version of the file doesn't map the pins to the actual chip, but to the booster pack headers on the development kit, implying that those are mapped to the actual chip pins somewhere else, but I can't find where that happens. I'm obviously missing something. Thank you for your help
  15. A more recent version - FM WhatsApp 8.45 has been made available on FlossHype for about two months now. You can try that maybe.
  16. @Dalviameya, You're welcome!
  17. Hi, Sorry for being late. Since the COVID lockdown rules have become a bit relaxed I was able to access the hardware at my college. Rei's solution did work and I was able to use CC3100 booster pack with MSP432P4111 launchpad. I was also able to make REST API calls to the cloud using the setup. Sometimes the connection to the cloud fails but it is fine for now. Thankyou Rei Vilo
  18. lets download the GTA for android and ios device and enjoy! https://technologywell.com/ https://technologywell.com/gta-5-ios/
  19. Thankyou lef2020. That earlier version works!!😃
  20. I'v solved this issue installing previous version of Energia. It's works. Release version 1.8.7E21 (10/17/2018) upload correctly.
  21. Release version 1.8.7E21 (10/17/2018) upload correctly.
  22. I have the same problem. On Linux, lunchpad MSP430G2, MCU 430G2553 Here error message: === Energia: 1.8.11E23 (Linux), Плата:"MSP-EXP430G2 w/ MSP430G2553" Скетч использует 380 байт (2%) памяти устройства. Всего доступно 16384 байт. Глобальные переменные используют 20 байт (3%) динамической памяти, оставляя 492 байт для локальных переменных. Максимум: 512 байт. MSPDebug version 0.24 - debugging tool for MSP430 MCUs Copyright (C) 2009-2016 Daniel Beer <dlbeer@gmail.com> This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Chip info database from MSP430.dll v3.3.1.4 Copyright (C) 2013 TI, Inc. Trying to open interface 1 on 115 rf2500: warning: can't detach kernel driver: No data available Initializing FET... FET protocol version is 30394216 Set Vcc: 3000 mV Configured for Spy-Bi-Wire Sending reset... Device ID: 0x2553 Code start address: 0xc000 Code size : 16384 byte = 16 kb RAM start address: 0x200 RAM end address: 0x3ff RAM size : 512 byte = 0 kb Device: MSP430G2xx3 Number of breakpoints: 2 fet: FET returned NAK warning: device does not support power profiling Chip ID data: prog: '/tmp/arduino_build_265623/sketch_oct08a.ino.hex': No such file or directory ver_id: 5325 ver_sub_id: 0000 revision: 00 fab: 60 self: 0000 config: 00 Device: MSP430G2xx3 Произошла ошибка при загрузке скетча Этот отчёт будет иметь больше информации с включенной опцией Файл -> Настройки -> "Показать подробный вывод во время компиляции" ==================
  23. I find it hard to believe that 50 people have viewed this post and no one has any suggestions. I can't be the only person that has had this problem.🤨
  24. Hi Berry, i am not the expert on the cc3220 as this uses RTOS functions to implement the multi threading features. In this implementation a lot of the functions are inside the RTOS library. So check following files: Board_init.c - to adopt pins for SPI, ADC, UART Board.h - to adopt pins for I2C, LEDs, SPI pins.c - maps function to board pin (not CC3220 pin) pins_energia.h - maps function to board pin (not CC3220 pin) Note: DIOxx is pin xx on CC3220 - sometimes the use of board pins and CC3220 can be confusing but needs to be handled carefully.
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