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  6. So I'm getting an "X" not declared in this scope error. All I'm trying to do is blink the internal LEDs on my launchpad using external buttons. I know this subject has been brought up before but nothing in the other threads were helpful. I am running Energia 1.8.11E23 on windows 10 and I am using a MSP-EXP430F5529LP. My code is as follows: int button1 = P2_5; Int button2 = P2_4; Int button1State =0; Int button2State=0; void loop() { pinMode(LED1,OUTPUT); pinMode(LED2,OUTPUT); pinMode (button1, INPUT); pinMode (button2, INPUT); } void
  7. Thank you very much for your response! I have same problem with CCStudio ver.10. same type of error, I belive EZ-FET is the problem! With win7 everything is ok. but in win 10 nothing work; I install latest driver from TI, I change the port, name it.. but nothing work , I believe, win10 don't work with Exp430G2 older version(Rev1.5) anymore ; I have only a supposition! Thank You again!
  8. Unfortunately, Energia hasn't been updated for a long time now and it is safe to assume it is no longer maintained. I would suggest considering CCS https://www.ti.com/tool/CCSTUDIO instead, downloading Uniflash https://www.ti.com/tool/UNIFLASH which includes a a more recent version of DSlite, and posting at the E2E forum https://e2e.ti.com.
  9. Hi! Please help me! I installed win10x64 on my new computer ,and I have some problem with my Exp430G2 board ver.1.5 . I search everywhere but i don't find a solution to my problem: when I want to download sketch to board. I have an error: Energia: 1.8.11E23 (Windows 10), Board: "MSP-EXP430G2ET w/ MSP430G2553" Sketch uses 2120 bytes (12%) of program storage space. Maximum is 16384 bytes. Global variables use 92 bytes (17%) of dynamic memory, leaving 420 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 512 bytes. DSLite version Configuring Debugger (may take a few minu
  10. I was wondering if there were any apps where you can program from a smart phone. I know Arduino has a few apps, but I would like one for the map 430's because the Arduino app won't work with my controller
  11. Old thread, but still: would this method (using a usb serial adapter and either BSL-Scripter or BSLDEMO) work with a msp430F2416? The data sheet for the F2416 says it supports BSL, so today I tried it. BSL-Scripter just says "device family not recognized" or something to that effect (I don't have the message in front of me right now). BSLDEMO just complains that the sync sequence fails, and implies that the device might not be connected. I think I have it wired up correctly (its just Tx, Rx, DTR and RTS). Do I need a password file just to connect to a device? Is there a place to downlo
  12. Unfortunately, Energia seems to be no longer maintained. Similarly, the CC1352 has replaced the CC1350. have you tried asking the E2E forum?
  13. Hi @litos97 i have facing same issue, i am getting 10feet distance but i don't know how to increase the distance... if you any way to achieve high distance kindly let me know.. regards kannan
  14. What's up ? Yeah I been out of the game for 5 years. DEC of 2017 ended my last paid gig as an embedded developer /system architect for LEDs4Sports out of Florida. Worked a remote 1 year contract, on a beaglebone hardware based project( NDA ). Once the contract ended my best friend from high school heard about it, called me up, and asked me if I wanted to hang out a bit, AND he had been living on Maui for the last 25 ish years . . . Spent two years on Maui soaking it all in, before rolling back into the mainland in 2020. Wasn't really interested into getting back into the trade until now. The
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