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  2. The release 0101E0010 is very old has relies on the old tool-chain. Go for the current release 1.8.10E23 with MSP430 boards package 1.0.7.
  3. THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY, but in this page said "New MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad support. This one has a lot of flash (128k) and a lot of ram (8k)." what about another 64kb?In fact, having 131072 bytes is enough for me. Thanks!
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  5. There are two tool-chains fro the MSP430: legacy with support up to 64 kB, hence the 48 kB limitation, new GCC-ELF by Mitto Systems with no limit on memory. I am using the latter with the MSP430FR5994 and it supports the 256 kB of FRAM.
  6. excuse me. why my F5529LP in /energia/hardware/msp430/boards.txt just has 48128 byte? can I rewrite the maximum_size into 131072 bytes like your boards.txt? or it is just suit for MSP-EXP430F5529 not the F5529 MCU?Thanks!
  7. Support for C2000 was removed after Energia 17. Please try with an older version of Energia or proceed with this procedure Install the LaunchPad C2000 boards.
  8. I wonder where I can find a list of all defined constants? When I look into the reference (https://energia.nu/reference/) I can only see the following: Constants Floating Point Constants Integer Constants HIGH | LOW INPUT | OUTPUT | INPUT_PULLUP LED_BUILTIN true | false But when I have a look at the examples (https://energia.nu/guide/tutorials/digital/tutorial_button/) I can find PUSH2, GREEN_LED for instance. Where are those constants defined?
  9. We have used Energia for TM4C123GXL for firmware development of a product. Now we want to do firmware updates in the field over USB-serial bridge to UART0. We have successfully used the serial variant of the TM4C123GXL built-in ROM bootloader with Code Composer - built apps to test the serial update process. However with the Energia-generated .bin files, the serial load works but the app does not restart correctly after the load, and requires a hard reset or power cycle to boot correctly. So I think it may have something to do with jumping to the start address after load. I have look
  10. Looking at the MSP430FR2433 datasheet it seems there is no the internal voltage reference other than 1.5V; so I think we can close this topic. Thanks & Bye
  11. Hi, using the MSP430FR2433 I can measure the supply voltage with the following code in Energia upto 3V successfully: #define ANALOG_HALFVCC_INPUT A11 void setup() { analogReference(INTERNAL1V5); data = analogRead(ANALOG_HALFVCC_INPUT); data = (int)map(data, 0, 1023, 0, 3000); Serial.println(data); } However when using there is an error saying INTERNAL2V5 is not declared. Is there a way to read voltages above 3V for this board too? Many thanks in advance, Robert
  12. I’ve migrated to Debian with Gnome desktop and I am using Visual Studio Code as IDE. As an additional bonus, all the technologies and tools I’ve developed for embedXcode run fine after minor adaptations. Some of the limitations I mentioned 4 years ago are still there but nothing critical. The new solution is fast and responsive, and I really enjoy the integrated debugger.
  13. Thanks for volunteering! I added you both to the mod list.
  14. I have some rights now. I'll check for spam daily when I'm able to.
  15. If I can help, I'm ready to perform some moderator tasks and delete spams to keep the forum clean. Please let me know how to proceed.
  16. Of course in hindsight I am probably stepping on some copyright rules by having this printed, but I don't think anyone's going to complain about that... it's a developer's manual and I am using it for developing with TI parts after all.
  17. I decided "for the hell of it" to print out the MSP430 chip family User's Guide, all 676 pages of it (slau445). Total cost was ~$70 altogether including the $10 binder from Staples. I used bestvaluecopy.com for the printing - printed in B&W, with a thicker color cover sheet, 3-hole drilled, shrink-wrapped, and put it in my own binder. Reading the more esoteric parts of the book - like the PMM, SVS and CS systems - is actually much nicer in print I found. Just more comfortable to sit down at the table and *look* at the diagrams and text and hold my left hand under the page with the
  18. Can some of us get moderator rights? Take a load off your back I'm getting back into the hobby as of recent so I can watch it for now..
  19. I may have posted about this a long time ago, but I had written a library to utilize the Nokia 1202 cellphone parts LCDs - there are a couple BoosterPacks we made years ago using this and I have at least 1 working board in my bin of parts. https://github.com/spirilis/msp1202 The library includes "msp430_spi.c", which provides an implementation of SPI for several chips including some of the FRAM chips (FR5969 and FR2433 iirc). As the Nokia 1202 LCD does not break out the D/C line, it requires 9-bit SPI, and the "spi_transfer9()" function is defined for those chips (for all the eUSCI_
  20. Kicking off my MSP430FR2433 hobby effort I looked into the RTC peripheral, which amounts to a really simple stupid counter, the likes of which I often used WDT for back in the day. It just counts up to RTCMOD and then fires the ISR. So without the fancy date tracking that RTC_B did on the Wolverine chips, I had to up the ante a bit and write myself a library to convert "epoch" seconds format (# of seconds since Jan 1 1970 midnight UTC) into a "struct tm" year/month/day/hour/minute/second/etc. structure and vice versa. I looked around for other implementations and found some inspirat
  21. Finally getting back into it. No workbench yet, but I start a 4-week sabbatical after next week, so one task on my plate is to revamp the basement with new shelving + bigger work from home office & workbench. In the meantime, I noticed the older TI SimpleLink hardware seems to be deprecated - the latest SimpleLink SDKs no longer support them & it halts with PG1.x hardware (requires PG2.0+). So I threw all those launchpads away. I guess I'm getting old or maybe wise enough to realize when something isn't worth the effort... So my focus now is the MSP430FR2433 - the Value-Li
  22. Cool article! Random thought just happened upon me, I wonder if there's a registry of all semiconductor fabs in the world?
  23. Hello Everyone! It's been a while since I last visited. I trust everyone is healthy! Today, I read this article that was talking about why there is a global chip shortage when I realized that the article gives a respectable description of the inner workings of a chip fab facility. I thought I would post it up since we know that TI has one or two of these factories themselves. Maybe they are similiar? Enjoy! zeke
  24. Rei -- Thanks, I have reverted back. David
  25. İ will use 8 digit 7segment and i need to implement your code for 8 digit. Also first 4 digit will show something other 4 digit will show temprature. So how can i change your code? İ couldnt understand excatly.
  26. The original studs are still in place, and there is a rail up front for my Atlas Clone on mine. When you epoxied the stud back in, did you add some sort of backer?
  27. Im compiling the client on my Linux box to give it a spin.It has been awhile since I did that and Im struggling to start the compiled client. I was able to get the el_data files from the latest client update thread, but I do not have a elc.ini file to point the data_dir to the correct folder.Could someone please tell me how do I generate the initial config, or point me to the doc on how to do it ? Thank you.
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