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I've just completed the course.


Fun, although the last lab about BLE was much of copy-paste as some parameters werer rather cryptic.


As an exercise, I took Lab 4 and implemented it on a MSP432 with Energia MT and the Galaxia library with embedXcode.


No major surprises, clocks, semaphores and mailbox work as expected.




Below, the trace of the tasks with a logic analyser.



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Glad to see you guys got the course done!


I failed miserably in freeing up time for it. I'm doing a different course (also on edx) for work that is very time demanding (~10-12 hours / week) and was too optimistic in thinking I could squeeze this one in as well.


Well, I got the boards at least but I'm getting depressed by having all these boards laying around and no time to do anything with them :(

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Yes, it's certainly hard to make time for it sometimes (work, kids and all) but I managed to get half-way into lab 6 so far. I should be done this weekend. I already paid for the verified certificate too.


As for the parameters, well, yeah. There's a lot of "magic numbers" used to chat with the CC2650 app (all listed in the datasheet). It's pretty usable once you abstract it away though.


Edit: ALL DONE! Finally! 100% on all... Glad to see that certificate! :)

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