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Interface push button rotary encoder on 1 analog input

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  It works pretty well except for an occasional reverse tick but that's probably a flaw in my code.


The reverse ticks might be due to a "blocking" part of your code when it calls "begin_lcd_write". (Blocking probably isn't the right word.)

But while your main loop is inside this function it could miss an update from the ISR. I'm probably wrong. Just a thought.


I've found whenever I used rotary encoders I had to proccess the transitions quickly because there was a fair amount of phantom transitions, I was probably using very cheap rotary encoders too.

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begin_lcd_write() just buffers data and initializes the TA0.1 IE.

The LCD data are clocked in the timer interrupt handler so there really isn't any blocking.


I think an improvement would be to supersample 8 times, average and then use the change in value as a determination of how far the encoder turned, rather than only comparing discrete levels.

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