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Maybe a dumb question, but I don't see you mentioning Vcc.  SBW is actually 4 wires, Vcc, GND, and the SBWTDIO,SBWTCK leads. How did you get from the 14 pin connector on the FET to the board? Patch wires?

Also, in IAR project options, under the FET Debugger, did you select Automatic selection, or manually select Spy-By-Wire? And, I know this is obvious, but under General Options did you select the G2553?

Hi NurseBob:

    Thank you for your feedback. My IAR SW version was IAR workbench for MSP430 7.10.(https://www.iar.com/iar-embedded-workbench/#!?architecture=MSP430). I posted some IAR setting file and connection file between MPS-FET and MSP430G2553. Can you give me some tip for me fix issue? Thanks. 

Option_enneral option.jpg

Option_FET Debugger setting-0.jpg

Option_FET Debugger setting-1.jpg

MSP430G2553_connection error1.jpg

MSP430G2553_connection error 2.JPG

IAR Workbench for MSP430 7.10.jpg

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