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Looks like I should have listened to Fmilburn all along. Adding the decoupling cap fixed the problem. I'm now able to transmit from the launchpad to the module on the breadboard.

Thanks guys!


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Hi Spirillis, your library for nrf module has been very useful for me in my project. I need to extend it to multiceiver, so I made a few changes

 In Enrf24.cpp 

1)  _writeReg(RF24_EN_RXADDR, 0x03)  to      _writeReg(RF24_EN_RXADDR, 0x07)


2) void Enrf24::setRXaddress(const void *rxaddr1)

{ _writeRegMultiLSB(RF24_RX_ADDR_P1, (uint8_t*)rxaddr1, rf_addr_width);} 


void Enrf24::setRXaddress(const void *rxaddr1,const void*rxaddr2)
{ _writeRegMultiLSB(RF24_RX_ADDR_P1, (uint8_t*)rxaddr1, rf_addr_width);

_writeRegMultiLSB(RF24_RX_ADDR_P2, (uint8_t*)rxaddr2, rf_addr_width)



and I changed definitions correspondingly in Enrf24.h

To test this, in the transmitter side, I am sending data to rxaddr2, but I am not getting any output from the receiver side. Is there anything I am missing here?

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