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MSP430G2 cannot use Serial.print();

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  • Model of LaunchPad: MSP430G2553/G2403 and revision number: 1.5
  • Model of the MCU used: I am not sure, but the box is MSP-EXP430G2
  • Name and version of the IDE used : Energia version 0101E0017 (I tried the newer one, but it threw a bunch of errors which resolved when downgrading)
  • OS the IDE is running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

I am completely new to this type of programming, so I apologize if I need extra clarification or am missing something.

Issues faced:
The blinking code I have used all work just fine, but no print statements work. My current goal is to simply get a read from the internal temperature sensor, but printing won't work. I am attaching relevant screenshots. and example code. 

Any direction/help is appreciated!






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I figured it out. I needed the jumpers horizontal and then open up the serial monitor and it's working..

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