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Hi everyone!! first sorry if my english isn't clear, Well I have problems to uploadig my sketch to my msp430g2 rev1.5 , sometimes it works the first time but latter its impossible to uploading more sketches . I am using windows 10. Attached an image with the trouble message. Greetings from M


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Hi @@osmanfish and welcome to 43oh,


Irritating isn't it?  It can be caused by several things.  It can happen with the MSP430G2 and Energia if you are using serial print and close the serial monitor down while the sketch is printing.  This does not seem to happen with other LaunchPads.  Try unplugging the LaunchPad at the computer and then plug it back in.  You may have to try uploading one or more times to get it working again.  Also, avoid shutting down the serial window.  Flash (upload) the target chip without shutting the serial monitor.


If this does not seem to be your problem then google "Could not find MSP-FET430UIF on specified COM port (error = 57)" and you will find a number of other possible causes.  Look on the TI e2e site.

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