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Found 9 results

  1. I'd like to monitor power and indicate to the user of my device when power is getting low (via flashing LED). Does MSP430G2553 support power monitoring and does the Energia library have any tools to access this monitoring?
  2. Hi all, I'm currently doing a project consisting of msp 432 launchpad along with cc3100 BOOST. I need help in powering the msp and boosterpack from an external supply.I have a a 5v and 3.3 v regulator with me. Please help.
  3. Hi, I am working with TEA5767 FM module to receive FM Audio. I have noticed a peculiar issue. When the launchpad is powered by my Laptop the communication works (only MSP430 <-> TEA5767 on I2C ) and I am not using the Serial which will anyway require my laptop. But when i power the Launchpad using a wall wart phone charger which is also @ 5V . It doesnt work at all. Since i am not using Serial. Laptop should not be required. The code is given below: #include <Wire.h> unsigned char frequencyH = 0; unsigned char frequencyL = 0; unsigned int frequencyB; double frequency = 0; double channels[6]={91.1,93.5,94.3,98.3,101.0,107.4}; unsigned int i=0; void setup() { pinMode(PUSH2, INPUT_PULLUP); Wire.begin(); // Serial.begin(9600); frequency = channels[0]; //starting frequency setFrequency(); } void loop() { if(!(digitalRead(PUSH2))) //If button Pressed { while(!(digitalRead(PUSH2))) //Release the Kraken!! { delay(100); } if(digitalRead(PUSH2)) // Now Released .. Whoosh { if(i==6) { i=0; } frequency = channels[i]; //starting frequency setFrequency(); //Serial.print("Current Channel: ") //Serial.println(channels[i]); i++; } delay(1000); // Keep Going but slowly! } } void setFrequency() { frequencyB = 4 * (frequency * 1000000 + 225000) / 32768; frequencyH = frequencyB >> 8; frequencyL = frequencyB & 0XFF; delay(100); Wire.beginTransmission(0x60); Wire.write(frequencyH); Wire.write(frequencyL); Wire.write(0xB0); Wire.write(0x10); Wire.write((byte)0x00); Wire.endTransmission(); delay(100); } Thanks !
  4. Hi 43oh! It seemed like there was some interest in my solid state relay board, so I figured I'd post up the design files. Because of liability reasons (being high voltage and what not) I can't produce this, but your welcome to get some boards made and solder them yourself. Be warned, soldering the heat-sinks to the board is VERY DIFFICULT! You'll need a board pre-heater, hot air, and some good flux. Schematic: triac_board.pdf Design package (in EAGLE 6.5): Cheers!
  5. I'm trying to create an interface to collect data from some sensors using MSP-EXP430F5529LP. The sensor setup is powered with 3.3V and draws about 10mA. I noticed J10 on the LP has 3.3V and GND. When powered with USB, can this provide enough power? If not, I'll need to hook up VREF+ and VREF-. According to the data sheets these are pins P5.0 and P5.1. How can I hook up to these, as they don't seem to have a place on the 40-pin headers?
  6. Hi all, I have an msp-exp430g2, my power supply is from USB and i have another unit (LMR61428) that convert 3.3 volt to 5 volt. I need this conversion unit to work only when I need. if i connect it to the VCC pin, it works all the time. Ive tried to connect it to an I/O pin that I can program to be on and off but the current output from the I/O pins is to low. Is there anyway to program the VCC pins on and off? or to increase the current output of the I/O ports? P.S. i tried to build an electronic switch with a bi-poler transistor but i couldnt make it work Thanks, Ofer.
  7. On the stellaris, is it possible to power from VBUS while using debug usb? I was intending to use the debug serial sometimes to connect to the board, but I want it to run all the time, even when not connected to the debug USB. Is this possible?! I was going to source a 5v power supply to run the VBUS. thanks!
  8. I am using the Tiva C LaunchPad as a USB host for a USB device that requires a small amount of power. The USB host connector for the Tiva C LaunchPad does not supply any power, so currently I am providing this via a breadboard, however to make my prototype cleaner I am wanting to supply power via the USB. One suggestion I received was to short circuit SW3, and that this will provide the LaunchPad and also the USB host connector with power via the ICDI USB connector. I wanted to get opinions about this solution, and whether anyone sees any potential issues? Oh and if I was to do this....I am assuming I would do it by connecting the outer pins of the switch, while leaving the center pin alone??? Glenn.
  9. I tried it for test and it works. I am not sure if it is efficient or not though.. ?