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  1. Please guide me how to port a library for energia or create one myself. I want to create library for SD card and Adafruit GFX. I will share it on Github and in this forum afterwards. Thank you.
  2. Oh I hope someone can help me out of this headache. I run the msp430g2452 from my MAC (Yosemite), Ran fine after installing drives and all. Now suddenly the "Serial Port" has gone grey and I try to re install, reboot, re everything. No way I can connect again. I was playing with digital out and also in. Seemed like it was when I was trying to read the switch on pin5 that things went bad for me. I know many have had problems on a mac and I have looked intense on this Forum and other on the net. Now I try this. I hope someone can help. Greetings from Brazil and thanks any help. Peter
  3. Hello everybody, I am currently working on an automated rover project working on multiple MSP430 the board in charge of the electrical power management embbeds a MSP430G2744 model. As I quite used to work with arduino IDE I tried to port it to Energia. Unfortunately I got stuck at some point editing my variant of pins_energia.h : The timers for the ported microcontrollers appears something like T0A0 T0A1 T1A0 ... etc On the MSP430G2744 however they only appear as TA0, TA1 etc. The Energia.h file in cores does not allow in its enumaration list for TA0, TB0 simple notations I understand that the second number is related to the number of the CCR capture and compare register but not all the timers seem to be related to a CCR in the datasheet of the MSP430G2744. For now I just assumed as it seems to appear in the datasheet that the number of the CCR is the same as the number for the pin eg. OUT0 with CCR0, OUT 1with CCR1 etc each time but is it right ? Here come my modified file (I highlighted the tricky part in red): Of course I modified the and boards.txt files as well. A second information I didn't fint is the upload protocol, I assumed: lpmsp430g2744.upload.protocol=tilib Would that work ? Note that I am planning to use a Spi-by-wire upload using only the TEST and RST pins. For know I am getting the following error from the IDE: Thank you in advance for your help Hoping to read you soon.
  4. UPDATE: i accidently wrote msp430g2274 instead of msp430f2274 in the title of thread.I tried to change title by editing it using full editor but i can't.It gives me some error that thread key is not matched and it signs out. Hey guys, I first changed boards.txt file under /hardware/msp430 by adding following code lpmsp430fr5739.upload.protocol=rf2500 lpmsp430fr5739.upload.maximum_size=32768 and also added "pins_energia_.h" which is simply a copy of launchpad's "pins_energia.h" in folder /hardware/msp430/variants/msp430f2274. for now i've not just added pin description of msp430f2274.i am right now just testing whether the code of g2553 can compile or not.when i compile the code it gives me follo\wing error: \energia-0101E0009\hardware\msp430\cores\msp430\twi.c: In function 'twi_init': \energia-0101E0009\hardware\msp430\cores\msp430\twi.c:122:5: error: 'P1SEL2' undeclared (first use in this function) \energia-0101E0009\hardware\msp430\cores\msp430\twi.c:122:5: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in But when i change this line in boards.txt: to It successfully compiles.So plz tell me wht m i doing wrong here.?
  5. Not so long ago i bougth the LaunchPad MSP-EXP430G2 and ordered some free samples of MSP430g2152, later when i was doing testing codes i checked that when i assign an output to the P1OUT register, the P1IN register take the same value that the P1OUT, This was odd to me, so i went to the datasheet of the msp430 family and as i was expecting the registers have two different address (P1IN 020h and P1OUT 021H), now i don't know if i have something wrong in my code or if in fact the microcontroller change both registers. Can anyone explain me what's going on or if it is normal? I'm using Code Composer Studio Traducci