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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, For those of you who like to try something else. Try our noForth compiler/interpreter. It is free available for several MSP430 MPUs. Look here: http://home.hccnet.nl/anij/nof/noforth.html Well documented examples: http://noforth.bitbucket.org/site/egel%20for%20launchpad.html Kind regards, Willem Ouwerkerk.
  2. Here's a very interesting presentation about how modern compiler optimization may lead to unexpected results. This goes way beyond the failure of naive delay loops. http://www.eng.utah.edu/~cs5785/slides-f10/Dangerous+Optimizations.pdf If you ever relied on buffer indices wrapping around (integer overflow), this is a must read. There are many other scenarios discussed. For example I'm pretty sure I fell for this trap myself: volatile int buffer_ready; char buffer[BUF_SIZE]; void buffer_init() { for (size_t i = 0; i < BUF_SIZE; i++) buffer[i] = 0; buffer_ready = 1; } It probably works today. But it's a bug waiting to happen when I recompile with different optimization settings or a different compiler. (hint: buffer_ready=1 may be moved before the for loop because the loop does not affect any volatile location).
  3. Can somebody help me with this, please? This error occurs when i click on the Upload Button. [C:\Documents and Settings\Alfredo\My Documents\Energ
  4. I'm currently working on cross platform build tool named PlatformIO. It has pre-built MSP430 GCC toolchain & mspdebug for Mac, Linux 32/64 & Windows OS. 1. How often do you use external standalone toolchain to build your code? In which case? 2. What is your favourite IDE+Toolchain? 3. What would you like to have in paltformio tool? Thanks a lot for answers! P.S: The main idea of this tool is to compile code with different platforms. See Wiring Framework (Arduino + Energia) Blink Example.
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if modifying the compiler flags was easily possible? I have a program that is really tiptoe-ing the maximum program size for my FR5739, and when I add some extra functionality, it goes overboard by 1-2k. I think some of this is due to some extra bloat that Energia adds, but for the simplicity of getting up and running, alongside the sweet already-created libraries, it's totally worth it. So, before I go out and re-design a board with a different chip, I was wondering if there were some freebies I should look into. I think I've removed as much extra code as is feasible, and played around with adding/removing libraries, but the impact is negligible. One thing I would like to try is the msp430-strip command... I don't know what that will do, but I've seen that with --strip-unneeded -g -x, the results on the .o files seems to be good... I don't yet know how this will translate to the actual elf or hex files though. Has anyone tried this before? Thanks, -SJ
  6. I was wondering, does anybody know of a good msp430 compiler like IAR for mobile devices? If not, I have some ideas if anybody is up for making one. Physically connecting to the phone is out of the question, so it would have to be bluetooth. An msp (preprogrammed) with a bluetooth transceiver may just be all that's needed to program another msp via spi-bi-wire, and possibly throw in an rx/tx port to transfer data back through the Bluetooth, just like the launchpad does with USB. Just tossing ideas out.
  7. Hello guys, I just find out this forum and want to introduce mikroE ARM compilers as one of solution for Stellaris development. http://www.mikroe.co...aris/compilers/ Also very interesting tool for gui development is a VisualTFT: http://www.mikroe.com/visualtft/ Have a nice weekend! Marko