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  1. Nice surprise! It’s here! Get your Wi-Fi® SensorTag today Get data from 10 sensors to the cloud in minutes Connect to the cloud in minutes with this ready-to-use demo platform Run applications on 2 AAA batteries Learn more
  2. Hello everyone, I wanted to share my current project. I am building a robotic car using the blynk app. I will also be adding a robotic arm, video camera, Hotspot, solar panel, temp sensor and more. I am building this with a classmate for my senior project. I will post more details later as the project progresses.
  3. Hello Everyone, I am planning on building an IoT robotic snow plow using a CC3200 Launchpad. Does anyone have suggestions on what camera module to use with the CC3200?
  4. Hi, I am not from the field of IT and do not know how to design webpages. I want to design a webpage/dashboard for real time monitoring of remote data using Tiva. I have referred and few other resources, but I am unable to find any customizable dashboard which has user management and alert facilities. Can anyone suggest me some tool with which I can design my own website/dashboard for IOT (drag-drop preferably)? Thanks.
  5. I have had a career in telecommunications and now like to dabble with computers. IoT seems interesting so I am here to see what I can learn from the more knowledgeable folk who contribute here.
  6. We have developed hardware, open source firmware and a web app, which will allow very rapid creation of IoT applications, aimed at beginners and experts alike. We use a Wi-Fi master, paired with ISM slaves, to allow greater battery life and range for the slaves (though masters can be used on their own). A complete security infrastructure is in place, and a personalised web app is created on set-up. Or you can extend our code, point to your own server or use our API to build your own web or desktop application. Our master is based on CC3100 + MSP5969 + CC110L. We currently supply slaves based on the CC430 and made by PanStamp. Please take a look at and our kickstarter campaign. If you want a third party view of what we are trying to do, this article covers it well: SemiAccurate Or look at the blog posted about us on Edward
  7. Hi, Is there a library available for Exosite and TIVA launchpad in Energia, similar to the qs_iot sample used in CCS IDE? Thanks, TVG
  8. Hi all Here's a quick project tutorial that I posted up on --> It's a simple "internet-connected button" that triggers an event on IFTTT (If this, then that)'s Maker Channel. They offer a simple RESTful API that we can POST to using an internet-connected LaunchPad. In this tutorial, I used the MSP432 LaunchPad + CC3100 WiFi BoosterPack, but any internet-connected LaunchPad would work just fine! In this tutorial, I am simply triggering a push notification to my phone, however this tutorial can be used as a starting point for triggering any of the dozens of cloud-side actions that IFTTT supports (i.e. send SMS, send email, update facebook, etc) Also, be sure to check out the other LaunchPad-based projects on hackster @ Cheers! Adrian
  9. Hello all! If anyone else is interested in devops tools like ansible/vagrant/docker or linux administration this project might interest you. I recently started learning about ansible a tool used to configure/orchestrate servers. So I thought I would try and use that to push firmware updates out to MSP430s. I came up with a solution that allows me to run a command on my machine which then copies the firmware to Rapsberry Pis and then flashes any MSP430 LaunchPads connected to them. I first had to compile the msp430 dll and the latest version of mspdebug for the ARM architecture (rather than x86). Essentially this allows me to program MSP430s from a Raspberry Pi using mspdebug. I talk about the steps here: Then I wrote an ansible playbook to automatically deploy the dll and mspdebug as well as the firmware to the connected Raspberry Pis which then push the firmware to the MSP430s. Don't think this is too realistic for an actual production environment but getting it all to run was a good learning exercise in compiling code on linux and system administration.
  10. I've got a bunch of sensors in my house uploading data to my phant repository - but I decided to start looking into placing sensors outside as well. I purchased some $2 solar sensors from Target (Apparently they're frequently available from the dollar store as well - I'll check into that) in the hopes that I could use them to power an MSP430. The ones I purchased only provide ~1.2v of power since they're single battery. They're 200maH as well, but I think that will likely be plenty for my uses. Since one wouldn't do it - I used two in series. At full power - that should be around 2.4v - perfect for an MSP430. I added a diode between the two just in case, and clipped the LED to avoid unneeded battery usage. Hooking directly into the battery means that I get power all the time - great since I didn't just want power at night. Plus - the power output for the LED is apparently pulsed - probably not good for the MSP430. I've been watching the sensor values today - it dropped a bit overnight (very little to be honest - about 0.05v), but it's charging nicely right now. I need to get a better container - but for now it's in a cheap tupperware container inside of a ziploc bag. Apparently the dollar store also sells locking containers with a gasket that would be perfect for this. Here is my graph for battery level. I'm not calculating the actual voltage - but it's out of 255 - 255 being a 3v reference voltage (technically vcc/2 compared to 1.5v reference). So 198 is ~2.33v. Next up - I've got some radioshack weather sensors (rain, wind speed & direction) that I'll be ripping the guts out of and replacing with MSP430 brains. They'll get solar power as well.
  11. Temboo (I work there!) has just released a powerful new addition to our Internet of Things programming platform, enabling you to build production-ready IoT applications with your MSP430 in minutes. Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions.
  12. I have put together a proof of concept which has the CC3200 LaunchPad communicating directly with Microsoft Azure to create a highly scalable (millions of packets a second) ingestion system that also provides near real-time streaming analytics, and machine learning capabilities. I thought I would share it with you all, and hope you find it either interesting or useful. End to End IoT Proof of Concept Website: GitHub Source Code: GitHub Wiki, includes setup steps: Glenn.
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