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  1. The project is beyond my coding capabilities but not beyond logical capabilities But thank you for suggestions i will surely go to ny professors and ask for project which suits my coding capabilities
  2. Posting few photos of my system
  3. I have attached .txt file i didnt find any <> symbol over here final code without interrupt.txt
  4. I am not able to share .txt file
  5. Hello all After everyones suggestions i am putting my code here which is a menu system works to configure totaliser to set its unit time base for primary display Also shows rtc. I am using msp430f5529 and 4 key keypad without tactile feedback Thanks to fmilburn for help I am trying to make this interrupt enable for last 2 days but got unsuccessful 1.1stly i tired to put task what each key perform as interrupt but it got fail. 2.i tired just to turn the flag high which so that i can enter menu that got partially failed Can any one suggest me any way to make my keys interrupt enable 1. Menu key/ right left scroll key 2. Increment key 3. Enter kry 4. Escape key As written in this code all the keys are working perfect without interrupts. I will put my code in next comment
  6. you would like to set the clock with RTC_setTime() while the system is running verses setting the clock in setup with RTC_init? This is what i am trying to do
  7. Yes exactly what u said i want to set time while code is running is this possible
  8. I am using msp430f5529 launch pad every one suggested me this example
  9. I tired this sir but it is not working
  10. Hello all my rtc is working perfectly fine Adc and interrupts are also working fine Thanku all professionals for their valuable help. I made my project almost working. The only part remaining is programable rtc Few days back i posted my 1st query about rtc using msp430f5529 that time fmilburn provided me this. This link consist of file i am currently using This works perfectly with msp430f55529 launch Now as this launch pad is not having Fram for storage I want to make this rtc programable on site I tried to make changes in given cpp file In RTC_setTime which es variables like seconds minutes hours day dow month and year But those changes didnt work programming year is not a question but i want to make other parameters programable So can anyone suggest any changes in base cpp file
  11. I am trying to execute interrupt with key press so what should it do Should i check the keypress inside
  12. Ok Launch pad i am using is msp430f5529 I am designing menu system menu system is working perfectly fine without interrupt I am operating this with mobile thats why cannot post my code right now but will surely do it in next few hrs I am trying to design a flow integartor totaliser Adc value should be detected irrespective of any key press There are 3 for loops in side my data processing routine they are affecting key detection out side data processing routine So i am trying to desing intrupt based key detection So that key will be detected with interupt My key is attached to P2_0 As this is the key which allows me to enter my programming menu to set some parameters
  13. I will post my code It is bit messy But check it
  14. If i press key it should directly switch to menu option it is working but partially working
  15. Ok let me tell you I am trying to design a menu system which is user interface for my device I have already designed it But the data aquisition should be independent of any key press Thus either i need to make my keys interrupt enabled or adc but as i read yesterday i cannot make adc interrupt enabled as it I also tried to make keys interrupt enabled and it worked yesterday partially Now i will try to make it work full and will post the results