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  1. Thanks. I was deleting from the folder I downloaded it into.
  2. I added an Arduino library named TimerOne.h in the libraries in energia. But it was for AVR so didn't work. I found a version for the same for MSP432. The problem I'm facing is that both the libraries with the same name are there and complier isn't choosing the correct one. I'm unable to delete. Any idea how to delete? Error message: In file included from /home/inkers-12/Energia/Programs/mpu9250input/mpu9250input.ino:2:0: Multiple libraries were found for "TimerOne.h" Used: /home/inkers-12/Energia/libraries/TimerOne-r11 Not used: /home/inkers-12/Energia/libraries/TimerOne-master /home/inkers-12/Energia/libraries/TimerOne-r11/TimerOne.h:39:20: fatal error: avr/io.h: No such file or directory #include <avr/io.h> ^ compilation terminated. exit status 1 Error compiling for board LaunchPad w/ msp432 EMT (48MHz).