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  1. Hi. Got stuck. I have a project with a line in variables.h: enum IOchannel {V1 = 11, I1 = 101, V2 = 12, I2 = 102}; Then I have an input.c, where I initialize all variables declared in variables.h(as extern), however, I don't use it for my enum, because I would get an error that my variables are already defined (due to include). Finally, I have another file which sends on LCD my enum variables, i.e. if it was V1 received, then you'll see "V1 = xxx" on the LCD. lcd_send_string(enum2str(haltIn)); where the function is void lcd_send_string(char *s); and so there's a function char *enum2str(enum IOchannel enumVariable) { // convert ENUM to CHAR switch (enumVariable) {case V1: return "V1"; case V2: return "V2"; case I1: return "I1"; case I2: return "I2";} } When I am trying to compile my code (GCC 4.2.4) I receive a message "argument of type "enum IOchannel" is incompatible with parameter of type "enum IOchannel"" every time I am trying to use my function. What is the correct way to declare, initialize and use my enum variable? Thanks.