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  1. Good idea. You should take a whack at it.
  2. Perfect place to put this. Welcome to Stellarisiti, scompo. Thanks for your code snippet too. Ntfreak on openocd is working on it.
  3. Welcome Adrian. You will like Stellarisware. I'd suggest though that you play a little with the low level registers otherwise the libraries will make you very lazy
  4. For CCS, check this post by Rick. You also can use code sourcery and eclipse as a tool chain. There is some setup involved. You may not be able to use the ICDI debugger on eclipse as its still being worked on, but third party debuggers like openocd and jlink work great.
  5. You have been busy this weekend.
  6. Not necessary, but you can.
  7. - It's the same size as the other Launchpad boxes 1. Emulator is a Stellaris LX4f120H 2. No software included in box, like the other LPs. There is a link to the Stellaris page printed on the box. 3. Silicon is rev A3 4. One USB cable. Be careful not to loose this one as it is the micro kind. 5. No stickers.
  8. Did it arrive?
  9. Added. Thanks!
  10. Thanks! Promoting to blog.