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  1. In the post I've linked above the solution was to replace the twi.c & twi_sw.c with new ones, found in the e2e forum. Have you also replaced them?
  2. The if-else construct in your loop is at least strange: if(!flag) { Serial.println("Failed to read from DHT"); else{ Serial.print("RH% \t");
  3. Hi, have you searched the forum for similar topics with i2c problems? I know at least one proposing a solution by changing the twi.c & twi.h files.
  4. MOSI = Master Output Slave Input.
  5. Hi @@brelliott18, There are some known problems with i2c on 2553 Launchpads, mentioned in various posts over this forum. One of them is mentioned in http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2641-i2c-lcd/page-2#entry75927; in this post is also a link to a solution http://e2e.ti.com/support/development_tools/code_composer_studio/f/81/p/529036/1924562#1924562 Have you already seen this posts? Have you tried the solutions presented in them? Regards, Liviu
  6. Hello, these days I was trying to use an array of servos, something like: #include <Servo.h> #define IOS_NR 5 byte myIos[IOS_NR] = {1,2,3,4,5}; Servo myServos[IOS_NR]; boolean bServoOut[] = {true false, false, true, false}; void setup(){ for(i=0; i < IOS_NR; i++){ if(bServoOut[i]){ myServos[i].atatch(myIos[i]); } } } void loop(){ // do some things if(bServoOut[k]){ myServos[k].write(servoValue); } // do other things } but the servos behaved totally other than expected. Digging through the Servo library, I've found some (in my opinion) wrong used indexes and (again, in my opinion) fixed them. After the fix my two servos behave as expected. I'm attaching the changed files (actually only the .cpp file is changed), maybe someone can test them thoroughly than I, or even use them. Best regards, Liviu PS I've renamed the files after the project I'm using them in. RNServo.zip
  7. It is the reason I'm always using brackets around while blocks. My code looks maybe ugly, but I avoid such "surprises".
  8. LE Found it, the pins default to inputs:
  9. Where are you defining the input (counter) pin?
  10. I've used some (4) WS2812B powered at 3.3 V and they worked OK. Never used TM1809, though.
  11. Hi, have you seen the @@Fmilburn's topic about controlling WS2812B LEDs using MSP430G2553 LP and SPI?
  12. Hi Curtis, tried your code with a Launchpad alone (and SCL & SDA made inputs + PULLUP) and the result is (as expected): Starting... SDA pin - 15 - 1 SCL pin - 14 - 1 The two J5 jumpers are OFF.
  13. Hi Curtis, Try without the sensor and see how the lines are staying.
  14. Hi @@B@tto, Is exactly the approach we've discussed above.