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  1. @Biza It's not clear which devices you are actually using. Is it the '432 launchpad? And how are you connecting to the SD card? Is it a BoosterPack version? A simple schematic would allow a means to compare code with wiring...
  2. I'd like to know what comes of your testing when you get to it.
  3. Well, there's magical thinking... And then there's magic! While looking for a file I noticed my server had booted and was back online. Checked the logs and discovered the driver for my 8-drive 24TB JOBD external SATA enclosure had failed to load. This is a Highpoint Rocket Raid system. It's junk. Has been from the outset, but I purchased everything while relatively ignorant. And, as @yyrkoon has noted, enterprise hardware is mind-bendingly pricey. So, I use the system as not a backup, but as a secondary copy location for video, images and audio. Maybe after I win the lottery I can put a proper system in place.
  4. @yyrkoon I've thought about restoring my centos server - I took it out of service when I stopped writing my own websites; easier to use wordpress to manage blogs. Though, as you've noted, nothing is immune from some type of corruption, including my own thought processes...
  5. Interesting coincidence: My Windows R2 2008 server won't boot this morning - according to the diagnostics - bad driver due to recent update... This machine is set up with a failover shadow boot drive, and of course there are a month's worth (if I remember correctly) of system images. However, I'm REALLY BUSY right now. So, I'll limp along without fixing it today, maybe Sunday, or not... Who has time for this junk. Sigh Superstition ON Talking about backup strategies triggered this failure... Superstition OFF
  6. @zeke I am working with SVN as well. At times I find it a bit arcane... But no more so than the other code management tools.
  7. @dubnet Well, I do have three monitors... So, yes, I am able to see my logic analyzer, two debuggers, and off to my right, when needed the oscilloscope. I know there are those out there with more talent, skill and experience who are able to manage with their blinky LED, but I need all the help I can get!
  8. @darrenlocust Maybe a dumb question, but I don't see you mentioning Vcc. SBW is actually 4 wires, Vcc, GND, and the SBWTDIO,SBWTCK leads. How did you get from the 14 pin connector on the FET to the board? Patch wires? Also, in IAR project options, under the FET Debugger, did you select Automatic selection, or manually select Spy-By-Wire? And, I know this is obvious, but under General Options did you select the G2553?
  9. @zeke Do you use any version control software? For me, that's yet another repository, though it's still locally stored on my home server. I should probabkly be backing that up to the cloud too...
  10. @dubnet > For your video work where is the bottleneck? CPU. Disk and RAM are not a problem. HD video processing is very, very CPU intensive, and the graphics accelerators and GPUs really don't participate in the rendering process. Overall, I'm not at all unhappy. I've seen other systems that take easily 8 to 10 times longer to render files similar to mine. Aside from CPU, the real bottleneck is uploading to youtube, or any other service. A 90 minute video takes about 4-6 hours to upload. On more than one occasion I've had both a render and upload running. No stress for the machine (all twelve threads will be at 40-70% for the render, but the upload really doesn't register on the resources). FWIW - the long videos were my recordings of lectures for my nursing students; they were subjected to 3 hour lectures on a weekly basis. Otherwise my goal is less than ten minutes for a topic of interest...
  11. RE: AWS S3, I'm running with their simplest service - basically a dropbox type of situation. AWS S3 suffers from a more complex interface than dropbox, but fits my needs. When I was actively posting to my video blog, I used their service to store the downloadable files rather than paying Network Solutions for exorbitantly priced storage. As to cross platform single backup solutions, I've not researched that, so I've really got nothing to offer there. However, if your machines are co-located, you might consider setting-up some type of NAS storage that everyone writes to, and then upload those backups to a cloud-based option? While my original plan was to upload all of my backups, they end up in the TB+ range, and uploading a TB of data for one day's worth of data would take days... Losing proposition. So, I limit what gets sent off site, and pray that having multiple locations (basement, and a couple of other locations at home), that my data will survive a local disaster. Bad choice, but I've yet to see any TB level solutions that involve consumer-based internet speeds. Fingers crossed in that regard.
  12. Yep. I've been though a couple of cycles of boot and data drive upgrades. I love being a kindred spirit! My primary workstation is an i7 x980 with 24GB ram and 7 hard drives (21TB total storage). I built this machine to do viideo and photo editing. Even at 6+ years old, it will render an hour of 1080p HD video in just under an hour. Everytime I think about upgrading, I find myself looking at Xeon processors and about 4 - 6 grand to get any significant improvement in performance. Since I really only do the video for non-commercial stuff, it's not worth the extra cost. So, since the system is responsive, meets my current needs, I don't get too caught-up in getting the latest and greatest - though I am wanting one of the Wacom Cintiq HD tablets. Maybe for Christmas??? Off topic: I've found that having multiple monitors and running two instances of CCS or IAR an interesting and productive way to debug comms between a pair of '430 devices.
  13. Bummer is certainly an understatement. As to my local backups I run Macrium reflect pro (now V7 home edition). I have all of my code and eagle files on a 1TB 10k rpm hard drive. Macrium does a full backup every day around 02:00 to an internal 5TB drive, and then copies to my server's 24TB JOBD array. Finally, the source files get posted to my AWS account for "offsite" storage. My AWS account runs about $2.00/month. And the last upgrade for my 5 licenses for Macrium was about $150. Money well spent. All of the machines on my home network run daily backups. In general, I do a daily full system image for the boot drives, and then the data files are incremental folder/file backups. I generally keep 8 full backups of my system images, and for the data files, there's a full backup done weekly, and I keep four full backups + the incrementals for a month. FWIW, Macrium's Windows PE rescue disk saved my butt last week when the system files became corrupted due to a problem with my aging RAM. I was able to recover the system and get completely back up and running after a day's effort (about 200 reboots while playing with BIOS HD settings...)
  14. All too familiar... But at least you marked it! Given that my board was DOA for Rx,Tx, I wonder what the level of production QC actually is. I'm not complaining, especially given the price, just curious.