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  1. Hi everyone, I updated the library adding some functions: - to easily generate sine waves in a array and iteratively - goertzel dft using array data or sample by sample (very interesting because not need an array) Enjoy it Github:
  2. Hi, I'm working in this library with some useful DSP and math functions (ideally focusing on embedded systems). Currently it's in the initial version with few functions, but I hope to add more in the next update. I prefered to use some structs to save parameters and use just one function to various instances of filters (very versatile). Functions - High Pass Filter (Single pole): Float, fixed and fixed extended version (with more bits to fractional part) - Low Pass Filter (Single Pole): Float, fixed, fixed extended and fixed fast (with some limitations related to cuttof frequency, but more efficienty. - RMS value: calculate RMS value of an array or sample by sample. Currently using square root function of math.h, but in the next update I will add a optimized version. I hope this can be useful. Feel free to test, share and contribute with this project. Github:
  3. Hi, I noted this device in july when I updated CCS and do some search in the "Research explorer". Very interesting. There is some examples in the "SimpleLink MSP432 SDK" and one image of the probable launchpad (very interesting).
  4. Hi @spirilis I'm not a specialist, but traditionally designers use tools like Matlab to select coefficients and test. If I'm not wrong, the CMSIS coefficients were calculated using matlab (providing the code). Octave is a free tool with same syntax and similar functions. This link show an example using matlab/octave Bellow there are some links to tools (but I have not tested)
  5. Hi. In the beginning of this year I wrote two articles showing how to compile the CMSIS DSPLIB to use in MSP432 and one example of use. The sequence is very similar to used in Stellaris and Tiva line. The articles are in portuguese, but there is a embedded translator. Compiling the CMSIS DSPLIB to MSP432 Example of use - FIR filter I hope it's useful.
  6. Hi, These after read this thread about how to use temperature calibration data, I tried to use TLV register to obtain the "real" voltage reference value and increase the ADC conversion by compensating the gain and offset. The test was performed in a Launchpad EXP430FR6989, but can be applied to other launchpads compatible with MSP430Ware driverlib. The increase in the accuracy is very interesting. in the table (sorry by the comma instead of point, brazilian notation). HP 3478A - value measured with DMM ADC_correct1 - value measured with MSP430 without any correction ADC_correct4 - with all corrections using float variables ADC_correct5 - using mainly integer Here there is an article about this test and the Github with the example. Regards
  7. I am developing a timeout / soft timer library for the MSP43x and would like to share it with you. It's still in the initial version, but all the functions are working. I'm developing and testing on MSP430F6736, but it worked fine on launchpad EXP430F5529LP. The library uses a timer to periodically generate ticks. In the base version developed by Felipe Lavratti, the timer-tick occur every 1us through a 32-bit timer (ARM Cotex). To avoid overloading the CPU I modified the code to accept longer time intervals and also functions to automatically calculate the Capture / Compare value of the timer. I also tried to isolate the timer configuration in a separate file, so in the future it would allow to select from more than one timer source or different devices, perhaps with compatibility with the old Value Line uCs. How the objective is not to give a perfect time base in us, I'm using ticks of 100us (10kHz) and works very well. The library has delay, getTime, and Timeout functions, the latter two of which are interesting for managing tasks without holding down processing like a normal delay. The example using the EXP430F5529LP use delay_Ms function to toggle 4 times both leds, geTime_ms() to toggle LED1 every 234ms and timeoutCheck_ms() to toggle LED2 every 1s. Feel free to leave your opinions and contribute to the project - Github of project Thank you.
  8. Masterlock Bluetooth Padlock
  9. Hi, I think this article will be helpful
  10. I received my license.
  11. Rickta59, thanks for share with us. I just purchased the bundle and the MKII bundle to use in the edx course. Now I'm waiting the processing to receive the license.
  12. I performed a new test (removing all jumpers and the sd card) and the time increased to about 60 minutes using the supercap
  13. @@dubnet I removed all jumpers to perform the test, but I don't remember if the SD card was in the slot. I will do new tests and share the results.
  14. Yesterday I noticed that the board is not available in the store. I don't know why, but I was lucky to buy in the first batch. The Out-of-box demo lasts about 40 minutes using the supercap to log in the FRAM.
  15. My launchpad arrived today
  16. The Launchpad MSP-EXP430FR5994 is available in the store Will the new LEA hardware available in other lines like the F serie devices focused in metrology?
  17. I would like to share with you this library. Is an embedded version of the famous "printf ( )". - The start point was this post in the e2e where an user share a code. - I modified the code inserting new functions as binary notation, float notation, scientific notation, functions to convert numbers into strings and strings into numbers. The user can enable some #define enabling/disabling functions to use just what is useful. This is an resume comparison between the CCS native "printf" and this library (using th Launchpad EXP430FR6989 at 1MHz). - To facilitate the port to other devices there is a separated file. Currently there are two ports: MSP430G2553 and MSP430FR6989. I hope it is useful.
  18. My initial objective is not create the smaller or better code, is just learn more things related to embedded world. This code has a lot to improve in size and performance, but anyway, can be useful for someone, even though there are many others. Thanks for the link, I will study it. The approach to convert the number seems to be more efficient.
  19. Did you see this: "The MSP430F599x microcontrollers take low power and performance to the next level with the Low-Energy Accelerator (LEA_SC), a co-processor optimized for signal processing. this accelerator enables developers to efficiently process data using complex functions such as FFT, FIR and matrix multiplication. Implementation requires no DSP expertise with a free optimized DSP Library available." Awesome
  20. Even if the folder is inside the project it's necessary to include in the compiler options? I tried to include some folders, but many errors keep happening. - the file "malloc.h" no exists - archives with directives marked as not necessary I tried to exclude this files of the building and replace the "malloc.h" by the "stdlib.h". After this the errors , but the code lock after the initial message displayed on the terminal.
  21. Hi, one print of the errors in CCS. I started a new project with support to MSPWare and copied the files to this project.
  22. Hi, I tried to import the project in the CCS, but it does not recognize the "MSP432-Launchpad-FatFS-SDCard", just the "MSP432-Launchpad-Printf-Support" with many errors. I think that in the last update of MSPWare some #define were modified. Thanks ps.: I posted this yesterday, but the post disappeared
  23. Teardown Tuesday: Kwikset SmartCode Lock
  24. Hi. Good news. I'm very impressed with the characteristics of this new MSP432. Somebody know the roadmap of the new devices that will arrive? We will have devices for smart metering with the SD24? This would be awesome in my projects. One question, to this new line we need a new debug tool, correct? The MSP430FET-UIF will not be compatible? This tools is a good choice? - "XDS100 Low-cost Debug Probe" Regards.
  25. You tried to put this variables as global?