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  1. These days I use
  2. In your CC you have: |(address & 0x3F) // 0x00 to 0x2E. and in your CS you have: |(address & 0x3D) // 0x30 through 0x3D). Your CS(0, 0x30); // Reset CS(0, 0x3D); // NOP, TX FIFO free gives the correct adr, but your CS(1, 0x3A); // flush RX FIFO CS(1, 0x3B); // flush TX FIFO gives 0x3A & 0x3D -> 0x38 and 0x3B & 0x3D -> 0x39 should it not have be with 0x3F instead of 0x3D
  3. Had you ever seen:
  4. You always need to have a space after cd. for example cd ~ or cd /home/myname/directory
  5. Try Energia 12, something happened in the newer versions.
  6. What with pull up resistor to DHT11, and open collector output from mc? See page 5
  7. What with pull up resistor to DHT11, and open collector output from mc? See
  8. Also works fine on Firefox on Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit
  9. if (BTN=0); //check button status should be if (BTN==0); //check button status
  10. I tried downloading a program via mspdebug, and when it did not work, so I used the erase command. Since then I can not come in contact with it again. Some hope? usbutil: Unable to find a device matching 0451: F432 mspdebug version 0.22 launchpad version 1.4 Before that it worked well enough. With a new ic it works again. Thank you
  12. Is the forward voltage of the two leds bigger than the input voltage? If not, there will be a bigger amperage, evetuelt burned LEDs.
  13. Why is there no fault, when I compile with pinnumber 222. My Launchpad only has 20 pins.
  14. The allow-fw-update thing is needed one time only, after the installation of TILIB on the PC. I had to do it several times, maybe because I had tried so many other things without success. So now I having fun with Launchpad msp430fr5969 and the UECIDE.
  15. I followed an instruction from: Down the page: # OPTIONAL TILIB v3 installation of msp fet430uif debugger, ignore if you do not have it I also need to install sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0 Then I have to do mspdebug tilib --allow-fw-update several times. Maby as su. Now it sees my msp430fr5969 Launchpad with EnergiTrace. Now I think the fun starts!