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  1. From the schematic, it seems you can power it up from 5V, but it does not mention it anywhere. The Vcc_MCU_5V runs all the way to the BoosterPack 5V pin. According to the the hardware manual, it recommends powering the board via the 3.3V Header pin. This also connects to the VCC_BRD pin. Remove J13 jumper for this, so everything upstream can be disconnected.
  2. I think the smallest sector that can be written is 512 bytes. Even if you want to change one byte in there, ELM Chan's FatFS would backup 512 bytes, manipulate it and write the full sector back. You could offload the data writing(and reading) to DMA, but you may run into the card write speed acting as a bottleneck. I believe the FatFS library also does some other bookkeeping functions, separate from the write, like updating file sizes.
  3. Just came in today along with the Wiznet Wifi PCBs First test successful with code from here. Card detect LED needs to be added in. Currently running on a 2553 USCI. Jumper support is available for 2452 USI too. Schematics in a few days. I'm too tired right now. Latest code: Code Suggested for Next Rev: 1.Add mini SD support 2.Wire gnd line to pid 6 of sd card connector. Thanks Rick! 3. Add micro SD support? 4. Dac/LM386(<-Rick's suggestion)
  4. New thread here. With all the radio packs that are in development. I though this will be a nice to have. Imagine wireless nodes. Sparkfun's Power Cell was an inspiration for this. I'm planning to include a 3.7V onboard Li-Po battery too. Would anyone be interested in such a pack? I'm taking suggestions. I'll place this and the Breadboard Booster Pack orders together. Features: - LiPo charger. - Charges via USB using Microchip's MCP73831 - Status indicator - Included DC-DC TPS6120 TI DC-DC Boost converter to regulate a selectable voltage of 3.3V and 5V - Powers Launchpad with VCC jumper at emulator removed. Rough PCB:
  5. The CC3200 Launchpad has been sitting on my desk for quite some time. Today I decided to hook it up and see if it can come in handy in any of my projects. I can say one thing... this Launchpad is well designed. Anyway, the camera boosterpack was announced way back and unfortunately it is a TI reference design. The camera itself is a MT9D111($18) module. The Camera BoosterPack has support for Flexi modules too, including the OV3660 camera sensor. The schematic shows a bunch of caps and resistors and a couple of power management chips. Would it be worthwhile getting a PCB assembled? I'm sure TI won't mind if we take their PCB package and replicate it for a group buy. If it is within 5x5 or so, I can have Elecrow do a 20 pcb set. I'm guessing $5 shipped in the US after taking into account 2 way shipping, PCB cost and packaging. CC3200 Camera BoosterPack Wiki page.
  6. Welcome!
  7. Welcome!
  8. Hello, welcome to 43oh! Next time, please start a separate thread on your issue for better visibility. Your post has been moved to a new topic.
  9. Very cool! When is your first flight test?
  10. Thanks @Rei Vilo deleted the other posts.
  11. Where you able to get past this. I have an update to make to the forum. It was released 4 days ago. Comment here if you come across it agai.
  12. Hello Everyone, Thanks for being patient while the forums were being fixed and upgraded. One Friday morning(March 10th, 2017), the server went down. There was a memory issue, which stalled the SQL server and everything came to halt. it had been fixed by Friday night, but then went down again due to a mistake I made during the bringup. In the mean time, I also decided to try to upgrade the server(php and peripheral updates) as well as the forum software. I'm going to see how things plan out in the next couple of days. Any issues you see with the site, please reply to this thread. Thanks!
  13. Sorry arrived Vilo. I've disabled it for now.
  14. Nice! Glad you figured it out. Thanks for getting back with an update and solution.
  15. From what I've read, the BSL is dependent on timings. The only variable here is the USB-UART level shifter. Is it possible to use serial without USB? You could also go into the USB UART driver and reduce the latency settings or try a different make of the USB-UART cable.
  16. You need to install MSP430 support in CCS. Did you select MSP430 from the list of chip families while installing CCS?
  17. I used the 1294 Tiva as an example. I mentioned this in the post above.
  18. You can go lower, by reducing the chip frequency. That depends on how you use the clock system and which clock input.
  19. I've been searching for the Wi-Fi SensorTag firmware. Has anyone see it on TI's wiki or tool site? I just received mine. It works seamlessly, but I wanted to play around with the firmware a little.
  20. Quick calculation: Max system clock TivaC-1294: 120Mhz PWM divisors: /2,/4,/8,/16,/32,/64 PWM bits: 16 Min PWM frequency @120Mhz: Slowest PWM clock : 120/64 = 1.875Mhz Max PWM load value = 65535(16-bit) Minimum PWM frequency = 65536/1875000 = 0.02495 seconds Inverse : 1/0.023495 = 28.6Hz. Max PWM frequency @120Mhz: Fastest PWM clock : 120Mhz Min PWM load value = 2 - so that you can add 1 to the load value to get 50% duty. Maximum PWM frequency = 2/120000000 = 1.67e-8 seconds Inverse : 1/1.67e-8 = 60MHz.
  21. I have a CC3200 Launchpad with pre production silicon - CC3200HZ. Launchpad hardware version is 3.2. I've upgraded my PC and this Launchpad takes in older SDK and service pack versions. I don't have time to install and test it. The CC3200 will ship formatted. This helpful member, @Arkham00 has listed out compatible versions of the CC3200 SDK and Service Pack. Free for users with a reputation above 100. For members outside the US, there is a $5 postage charge + >100 reputation points. First come first serve.
  22. Welcome to 43oh. What's the error? If your error is what I see on top of the image " If COFF ABI support is needed for your application, please use ARM CGT 5.2.x or MSP430 CGT version 4.4.x." ... try changing the Output format selection to something other than legacy COFF. I'm not sure what you have.
  23. Edit: Nevermind, I see you already have tried integrating the audio app into Energia. Have you tried using it without Energia? Welcome to 43oh. Are you comfortable with C. There is an example for the audio BoosterPack in the SDK here: CC3200SDK_1.3.0\cc3200-sdk\example\wifi_audio_app
  24. Welcome. And apologies for the registration frustration. The forum software was upgraded two weeks back and I'm ironing out issues like this. Thanks for following up with an update.
  25. Cool concept to adding boards to the Raspberry Pi. Atomo is a complete system for building electronic things with four parts: Control, IO, Power, and Connector.