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  1. Cool concept to adding boards to the Raspberry Pi. Atomo is a complete system for building electronic things with four parts: Control, IO, Power, and Connector.
  2. Welcome to 43oh. lcd_send_string(enum2str(haltIn)); What is the "haltIn" type. Can you type type cast or initialize it to the enum. The below works for me. Try to use typedef, to avoid tping "enum IOChannel" everytime. typedef enum {V1 = 11, I1 = 101, V2 = 12, I2 = 102}IOchannel; char *enum2str(IOchannel enumVariable) { switch(enumVariable) { case V1: return "V1"; default: return "I1"; } } /** * Main program. */ int main(void) { IOchannel haltIn = V1; enum2str(haltIn); }
  3. More upgrades: PHP5.4 -> 5.6 Memcache support for forums. Added 12GB more to disc size.
  4. Hello Everyone, Thanks for being patient while the forums were being fixed and upgraded. One Friday morning(March 10th, 2017), the server went down. There was a memory issue, which stalled the SQL server and everything came to halt. it had been fixed by Friday night, but then went down again due to a mistake I made during the bringup. In the mean time, I also decided to try to upgrade the server(php and peripheral updates) as well as the forum software. I'm going to see how things plan out in the next couple of days. Any issues you see with the site, please reply to this thread. Thanks!
  5. Moving to General Electronics.
  6. I haven't yet transitioned to the SBCs offering a MCU and a MPU, in one unit. It has been either the MPU or use an ARM MCU for me. The BBB has PRUs, but it needs getting used to and needs a fair bit of work. Maturity and stability is a big consideration in product based solutions.
  7. You should post your error.
  8. Agree. I'll look at it this weekend. Username lookups using "@" are turtle slow. If you are writing anything long, I'd suggest saving the content locally, like notepad... just in case, the post times out.
  9. The closest I've come to on SBCs are RasPis and BBB. They suffice most of my needs. With real time requirements on specific processes, the choice is towards any of the ARM Cortexs running bare metal or RTOS code.
  10. There is a new BeagleBone out in the field. This one is the "Blue", following the "Black" and "Green" ones. Expected retail price is $80. Feature list: Processor: Octavo Systems OSD3358 1GHz ARM® Cortex-A8 • 512MB DDR3 RAM • 4GB 8-bit on-board flash storage • 2×32-bit 200-MHz programmable real-time units (PRUs) • On-board flash programmed with Linux distribution Connectivity and sensors • Battery: 2-cell LiPo support with balancing, 6-16V charger input • Wireless: 802.11bgn, Bluetooth 4.1 and BLE • Motor control: 8 6V servo out, 4 DC motor out, 4 quad enc in • Sensors: 9 axis IMU, barometer • Connectivity: HighSpeed USB 2.0 client and host • Other easy connect interfaces: GPS, DSM2 radio, UARTs, SPI, I2C, analog, buttons, LEDs Software Compatibility • Debian, ROS, Ardupilot, • Graphical programming, Cloud9 IDE on Node.js
  11. Pinning topic. Thanks for keeping the repo updated. @Fmilburn
  12. Welcome to 43oh. Please start a new topic. Posting in different threads is not going to help. Also list what you have tried and what you do not understand. See the rules on the Energia sub-forum.
  13. Officially released: TI SensorTag tool link - Technical TI SensorTag wiki link - CC3200 SensorTag Users Guide TI Store link - CC3200STK-WIFIMK
  14. A commenter, Jan, posted a link to the CC3200 Wi-Fi SensorTag on Digikey. More info on the blog. Digikey link @$40.11 and 2 units ready to ship.
  15. Video, with Jason K. showing a balancing robot using the board:
  16. Thanks @Rei Vilo. To all, the award goes to you too. Thanks for being wonderful members.
  17. There is a set available on Amazon, here Adafruit also sells on Digikey: .
  18. Came across this while browsing. MSP430 Analog Gauge Clock
  19. Hi @Rei Vilo Thank you. Yes, it is definitely slower. I working with support to see what the issue is. There are still some background processes running, caching and rebuilding posts.
  20. I2C needs pull-ups. Are you pins pulled up?
  21. Via MultiTasking ultrasonic and color sensor with Texas Instruments MSP-EXP432 and Energia.
  22. Weird. Added to issue list on the second post.
  23. Hi Rick.. There are background processes still running which takes a few days, depending on forum traffic. I'll give it a few days to settle down. Thanks!