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  1. From the schematic, it seems you can power it up from 5V, but it does not mention it anywhere. The Vcc_MCU_5V runs all the way to the BoosterPack 5V pin. According to the the hardware manual, it recommends powering the board via the 3.3V Header pin. This also connects to the VCC_BRD pin. Remove J13 jumper for this, so everything upstream can be disconnected.
  2. I think the smallest sector that can be written is 512 bytes. Even if you want to change one byte in there, ELM Chan's FatFS would backup 512 bytes, manipulate it and write the full sector back. You could offload the data writing(and reading) to DMA, but you may run into the card write speed acting as a bottleneck. I believe the FatFS library also does some other bookkeeping functions, separate from the write, like updating file sizes.
  3. Welcome!
  4. Welcome!
  5. Hello, welcome to 43oh! Next time, please start a separate thread on your issue for better visibility. Your post has been moved to a new topic.
  6. Very cool! When is your first flight test?
  7. Thanks @Rei Vilo deleted the other posts.
  8. Where you able to get past this. I have an update to make to the forum. It was released 4 days ago. Comment here if you come across it agai.
  9. Sorry arrived Vilo. I've disabled it for now.
  10. Nice! Glad you figured it out. Thanks for getting back with an update and solution.
  11. From what I've read, the BSL is dependent on timings. The only variable here is the USB-UART level shifter. Is it possible to use serial without USB? You could also go into the USB UART driver and reduce the latency settings or try a different make of the USB-UART cable.
  12. You need to install MSP430 support in CCS. Did you select MSP430 from the list of chip families while installing CCS?
  13. I used the 1294 Tiva as an example. I mentioned this in the post above.
  14. You can go lower, by reducing the chip frequency. That depends on how you use the clock system and which clock input.
  15. I've been searching for the Wi-Fi SensorTag firmware. Has anyone see it on TI's wiki or tool site? I just received mine. It works seamlessly, but I wanted to play around with the firmware a little.