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  1. I use a heavy duty paper guillotine that I bought for $5 from a yard sale. It's good for 1.6mm.
  2. That's a good tip. I've seen a dedicated chip for PT100s before but the package was not suitable for hand soldering.
  3. Now live.
  4. Market is unlocked, please add your products!
  5. There's also a BeagleBone market which should be unlocked by the time you read this: https://www.tindie.com/m/BeagleBone/
  6. Let's start a Tindie market for makers to sell their capes and BB add-ons. Sign up here: https://www.tindie.com/m/BeagleBone/
  7. Digikey Product Module with audio. Might be worth a look. http://www.digikey.com/PTM/IndividualPTM.page?WT.z_sm_link=Twitter_TI_PTM_0408&site=us〈=en&ptm=30431
  8. It looks just unbelieveably cool.
  9. You can probably used fixed point arithmetic instead of floating point with improved speed and accuracy, but at the expense of slightly more complex code. I have done this for e.g. PID temperature control. The libraries I am familiar with are templated C++ (i.e. Energia friendly) but you can probably search around for something open source and usable in C if that's preferable to you.
  10. Another possibility with these magnets (4mm diameter) is to swage a little bit of copper brake fluid tube and solder them inside. That should give a pretty solid connection.
  11. There goes my $0.99
  12. I could tell you but since it involves violating somebody's patent, I would obviously have to kill you. Oh go on then, you just stick it on a big lump of iron before soldering. http://www.google.pl/patents/US20090242617
  13. Aha. Both valid points. I have researched the materials science and come up with a trick. Unfortunately it might not work and I have $0.99 invested in the magnets.
  14. Lots of little Neodymium magnets. I am experimenting with soldering the little bastards for making electrical snap connectors.