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  1. FWIW: using energia to program an msp430g2231 is an exercise in frustration. If you really want to use this chip, you would be better off using the TI C samples and the CCS IDE. Energia has been becoming less and less friendly to the smaller msp430g series for a long time. It is really focused on the higher end boards like the msp430f5529, msp430frxxxx boards, and msp432. Much of the msp430g support is broken in Energia 1.6.10E18.
  2. For a variety of reasons you can't use 16MHz on the msp430g2231 without a lot of hassle. The answer to your problem was given over in this thread recently:
  3. re: msp430-lg-core in 2 places: I was talking about what ships in energia 1.6.10E18 ... in other words what is in https://github.com/robertinant/EnergiaNG vs what is in https://github.com/energia/msp430-lg-core re: the build process Yes that is how I was able to build a version from EnergiaNG
  4. I have no idea where I would find the source code to version 1.6.10E18 of Energia. I would like to fix issues that I've previously reported and seem to be "sort of fixed" in the msp430-lg-core but aren't. Could you please point me at the source or release tag? Also, do you have a roadmap for the future development of Energia? Its progress seems to have stalled. -rick
  5. Why aren't the release notes here: http://energia.nu/releasenotes/ ? Is there an E18 commit tag I missed in that tree? When I build the latest version of that code I end up with a 1.6.11E18 version. However, it is broken for the msp430g2553, at least that one I haven't checked other msp430 core targets. void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { Serial.println("blah"); delay(1000); } That code will not link and gets an undefine for i2c_txrx_isr() and i2c_state_isr(): If I include <Wire.h> in the code then the problem goes away. But that isn't the point. Also, why is the msp430-lg-core in 2 places. The code in msp430-lg-core seems closer to what shipped but it is still different than what is shipped, at least for the linux platform.
  6. Also, where are the release notes for E18? I see ones for E17 on energia.nu but nothing for E18
  7. yeah .. that is the wrong thing ... which is why I asked. Yeah that is not being maintained any more. Look at the commits compared to the EnergiaNG tree. https://github.com/energia/Energia/commits/master The latest stuff seems to be in https://github.com/robertinant/EnergiaNG someplace. However I don't see a 1.6.10E18 release tag or even a commit that would indicate where the E18 snapshot was done. This core does sort of have what is in E18 however there are differences. In addition, the core is in 2 places. in the robertinant/EnergiaNG tree and also in the msp430-lg-core. The msp430 core in EnergiaNG is broken, you have to include <Wire.h> in all your code to get it to compile. -rick
  8. I guess you are right then it must be the software. I'm just surprised that the scores of other people haven't had this same problem. @Fmilburn just tested with V17 it appears he is using some manner of windows. I'm on linux and it seems to work fine. Maybe it is a platform issue.
  9. Do you have any decoupling caps on the msp430g2553? How about on the nrf24l01+ ?
  10. do you have a g2553 launchpad you can test with?
  11. does a blink test work fine on that setup? It looks like the Orange and Brown are both plugged into P1.6
  12. In v18 it tells you that you can't find SPI.h
  13. the problem is the example code there @fmilburn ... move the #include <SPI.h> ahead of the include <Enrf24.h> ... #include <SPI.h> #include <Enrf24.h> #include <nRF24L01.h> Enrf24 radio(P2_0, P2_1, P2_2); // CE, CSN, IRQ pins ...
  14. can you take a picture of your board and how the wires are connected and post it here?
  15. $ pwd /home/kimballr/energia-1.6.10E18/hardware/energia/msp430/libraries/SPI $ ls examples keywords.txt library.properties SPI.cpp SPI.h utility /edit ... Sorry this is not the place to deal with SPI issues. You might resolve those before continuing to post in this thread about /editoff
  16. I have no idea what you mean about both versions. ... I just went to see what is offered I see a 1.6.10E18 version of Energia are you running that? /rant on ... man this new version of the forum is painful to use ... i just tried to quote .. and i have no idea how i eventually was able to edit after the quote ... I used to have problems but there was an html option which is how i usually created posts ... seems to be gone ... /rant off I was going to post
  17. SPI.h is part of energia if you got your spi from someplace else, it is probably wrong
  18. My point was that I gained 49 posts. 1001+49 = 1050
  19. I'm not sure if this matters. The content count seems to have jumped for me. The other day I hit 1001 posts, it caught my eyes as I hadn't realized how much time I've killed here : ) ... Now my content posts shows 1050, I suppose 1051 after I post this. -rick
  20. In the US April 1 is a good day to be ignored.
  21. did you remember to close the putty window?
  22. What is your application for your msp430g2231 that is so well suited to writing in msp430 assembler and using a 2k flash chip with 128 bytes of ram?
  23. Looking at the compiler/ loader output it looks like you are using VisualGDB? I would guess you have a bogus .ld script file. I've never seen a vtable section ... could you post the .ld script file you are using? You might want to just try out the normal toolchains used by most of the developers here if you want an easier ride. CCS 7 is free. Also, the online compiler/debugger at http://dev.ti.com is free. Which OS are using? Which TI arm chip? It seems like it might be an ancient Luminary one, you won't get much help with those on this forum. -rick
  24. Here is a version written with fabooh. https://github.com/RickKimball/fabooh /* * andyd273.cpp - simple fabooh msp430g2231 program to turn on a relay for 10 seconds * when the user button on the launchpad is pressed * * Created on: Feb 13th, 2017 * Author: kimballr * Pinout: * P1.3 is button on launchpad board * P1.6 is relay output (also lights led) */ #include <fabooh.h> #define SMALL_INIT4 /* don't initialize .bss and .data sections */ #include <main.h> #include <serial.h> namespace { const uint32_t BAUD_RATE=9600; typedef serial_default_t<BAUD_RATE, CPU::frequency, TX_PIN, NO_PIN> serial; serial Serial; } void setup() { PUSH2::set_mode(INPUT_PULLUP); P1_6::set_mode(OUTPUT); P1_6::low(); Serial.begin(); } void loop() { for (; { int n = 1; do (PUSH2::read()) ? --n : (n = 5000); while (n); do (PUSH2::read()) ? n = 5000 : --n; while (n); Serial << "turning on relay\r\n"; P1_6::high(); Serial << "wait 10 seconds\r\n"; delay(10000); Serial << "turning off relay\r\n"; P1_6::low(); } } I've included a compiled version of this so you can just load it on the msp430g2231 launchpad. Use the mspdebug command to load it (Find mspdebug.exe someplace in the Energia install tree on your hard disk) C:\ mspdebug rf2500 "prog andyd273.hex" rename this file to andyd273.hex andyd273.txt
  25. Why don't you just buy one of those $2 Chinese Arduino clones and then you can use stuff you are familiar with and don't have to do any learning. It doesn't seem like the msp430 is worth spending time with for your goals.