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  1. The G2553 is a current product and you should be able to work with it under CCS or Energia. It does look like a driver issue to me as well. However, I'm not a Linux expert so you may want to wait for someone here more versed in Linux to chime in. You may also want to post your question on the TI E2E forum.
  2. it would appear to be so. If you have the 5529 Launchpad it would easy to confirm.
  3. You would need to take a look at the documentation for the F5529 to verify that it can be awakened with a GPIO interrupt. In a very deep sleep, IIRC, the list of available interrupt sources gets shorter. So if LPM4.5 supports a GPIO transition as a wakeup source you should be good to go.
  4. Are you using the 432 Launchpad black PCB or the red PCB? If you are using the black there are issues with the now obsolete black board. By using an earlier version of Energia (e.g. V16 or V17), it may solve the issue.
  5. First of all, welcome to the forum. If I remember correctly, the software serial library isn't supported on the F5529, only on the lower end G2 parts without built in hardware serial. However, it shouldn't be needed as the 5529 has two hardware serial ports. The second serial port would be referred to as Serial1 (e.g. "Serial1.begin" as opposed to the first serial port "Serial.begin"). Refer to the pin outs on energia.nu for the correct pins for each port.
  6. @NurseBob Not familiar with that one, but they do have an infinite bag of tricks. A memorable experience was when I was young.... I stayed over at friend's house in Southern California and slept on a pull out couch sofa bed. They had a cat with a bell on it's collar. The room was fairly dark but I could hear the cat moving about the room, and then silence. The cat would then launch from his perch on the back of the couch and land on my head or body. I would shoo him off and the process would repeat, until I determined he was having far more fun than I was and wouldn't quit this game any time soon, At that point I prevailed upon my friend to put the cat on lockdown for the night.
  7. Welcome to the forum!
  8. @NurseBob Happy to hear that you are all ok. Given the hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires it has been a tough year for lots of folk. Your cats may seem to have forgiven you but they are just waiting for the right opportunity.....
  9. @NurseBob Was saddened to see the destruction and loss of life due to the wildfires. Hopefully you won't be affected but please evacuate without a moments hesitation if it even starts to move toward you. In the big picture stuff is truly meaningless and life is precious.
  10. When I have utilized EnergyTrace in the past I have found that I had to disconnect all FET data lines in order to get a measurement that was close to the calculated current consumption. You could try disconnecting the TDIO and TCK lines, leaving just 3.3V and ground connected between your target and the FET to see if that improves the measurement.
  11. I vaguely remember something a while back on the E2E forums with regard to the Kentec driver/library not being right on the 432. If I recall correctly, there was an updated version referred to which sped up the display significantly and made the original poster happy. A well worded search should find that thread. EDIT: Did a few searches and couldn't find it. Perhaps it was not the 432 but a Tiva issue. That's the trouble with vague memories.... You may want to try posting on E2E if you can't find it by searching. If it is indeed the issue I seem to remember, then perhaps one of the TI guys might recall and be able to help out.
  12. No problem. Happy to hear you got it resolved.
  13. I think I might see what the problem is. Energia places the some things in the User folder which you have apparently named "Mike KM6KWG" which has a space in it. If you have another user account without spaces that you can use, or create a new user account without spaces, and then install while logged into that user name. You may also want to make that user account an administrator account to eliminate that variable. You can revert it to a standard user account if you want when you have a successful install.
  14. First of all, welcome to the forum. It appears that a space in your file path may be causing the issue. Best to avoid spaces, special characters and long path names with Energia. I typically put Energia in the root of C: and use a short path structure ( e.g. c:\energia ).
  15. If I am not mistaken, the F149 doesn't support Spy-Bi-Wire using RST and TST. It only supports full JTAG which uses TDI, TDO, TCK, TMS, etc. TI's MSP-FET430UIF should support full JTAG ( http://www.ti.com/tool/msp-fet430uif ).