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  1. See the other thread at
  2. I've just posted the LaunchPad MSP430FR2433 Pins Map but now there are two similar threads: LaunchPad MSP430FR2433 Pins Map 11194-launchpad-msp430fr2433-pins-map, and LaunchPad MSP430FR2433 Pins Map 11195-launchpad-msp430fr2433-pins-map Why is that so? I hope this very thread isn't going to appear twice!
  3. LaunchPad MSP430FR2433 Pins Map
  4. See related issue at
  5. @energia Any hint on how to deactivate the watch-dog?
  6. The WDT_IF_DeInit function doesn't seem to deactivate the interrupt. void WDT_IF_DeInit() { // // Unlock to be able to configure the registers // MAP_WatchdogUnlock(WDT_BASE); // // Disable stalling of the watchdog timer during debug events // MAP_WatchdogStallDisable(WDT_BASE); // // Clear the interrupt // MAP_WatchdogIntClear(WDT_BASE); // // Unregister the interrupt // MAP_WatchdogIntUnregister(WDT_BASE); }
  7. The example works fine on Energia. To rearm the watchdog and start to 10 seconds again, just perform g_ulWatchdogCycles = 0; Now, how to deactivate the watchdog? In a typical application, I want to check one specific part, i.e. WiFi provisioning. The process looks like: Set and start watchdog WiFi provisioning If WiFi provisioning fails, the watchdog resets the board. Stop and clear watchdog Once this part has been completed successfully, I want to deactivate the watchdog.
  8. Actually, I'm using that library for Energia.
  9. The G2553 has only 512 bytes of RAM. Go for a LaunchPad which MCU has more RAM.
  10. Question posted twice. Answer at the other thread.
  11. Have a look at
  12. Welcome! There are other French users of the LaunchPad. Have you given Energia a try?
  13. Search this forum for I²C. Most popular troubles are missing pull-up resistors and different logic level voltages.
  14. See
  15. See Add FRAM attribute to Energia.
  16. The embedXcode User Manual is now available as a dedicated website. User Manual Website
  17. Develop your sketches for LaunchPad MSP430G2xxx and MSP30F5529, and Experimeter Board MSP430FR5739 using Xcode! Direct links:
  18. The DS1307 operates at 5V. See the data-sheet at So you need a logic level translator. See for example
  19. @phenyl The LCD_screen - Reference Manual is available on the libraries sub-folders of the Energia folder, or online at - Reference Manual.pdf
  20. Just perform something like myScreen.setPenSolid(true); myScreen.dRectangle(x, y, a, b,; with x, y as coordinates, and a, b as size.
  21. Use Energia 17 instead.
  22. Although all the LaunchPads feature a programmer-debugger, sometimes an external one might be useful. Segger has just launched the J-Link EDU Mini, with all the software and expertise of Segger, priced at just USD18! I'm very happy with the larger Segger J-Link Edu priced at USD60. I've ordered one J-Link EDU Mini and plan to review it.
  23. Energia 11 builds a more compact code than release 18, especially for the very limited G2453 with 512 bytes of RAM.
  24. You should mention ˋ#include "SPI.h"ˋ on the main sketch.