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  1. See boards.txt, platform.txt and programmers.txt. Exact location on the hard-disk depends on the OS you use.
  2. As per Two Repositories for MSP430 MCUs and Two Repositories for MSP430 MCUs, LG = legacy generation = current tool-chain NG = new generation = new tool-chain —not yet released To compile the new Energia NG, you need JDK 1.8 and a specific command, as per Unable to build Energia on Mac OS X sudo ant -buildfile build-energia.xml clean dist To all other questions, unfortunately, I don't know. @energia is the best suited to provide answers. Actually, I'm no longer using the Energia IDE, only the board packages and APIs. I'm using embedXcode on macOS and Visual Code.
  3. Release notes: GitHub repository:
  4. @brelliott18 Have you gone through the reference at
  5. Compared to the Raspberry Pi, The BeagleBone offers two PRUs for time-critical and deterministic tasks. However, developing against those PRUs isn't exactly easy. I went for alternatives. Very similar to the Arduino Yun, the Mediatek LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo features two cores: the processor MT7688AN runs on Linux for WiFi, and the ATmega32U4 micro-controller is compatible with Arduino. The Arduino Tian is an updated Arduino Yun with an Atheros AR9342 as CPU for WiFi (dual band WiFi), Ethernet (1000 Mbit/s Ethernet) and Bluetooth, and a Cortex-M0+ SAMD21G18 as MCU with 256 KB of Flash and 32 KB of RAM. The Intel Edison was very promising with a combined MPU + MCU + WiFi + BLE on a single SoC. Unfortunately, programming the MCU requires the reboot of the whole board MCU, and the MCU tick time is 10 ms. The SDK and API aren't mature yet but haven't been updated for a while. Dead project? Last and best choice, the UDOO Neo board combines a Cortex-A9 MPU with a Cortex-M4 MCU on the Freescale i.MX 6SoloX. The Cortex-M4 can be programmed on the fly. The board features Ethernet + WiFi + BLE.
  6. Perform a search on this forum, as the topic has been already asked and answered many times. Yes, you need a logic level converter.
  7. The library comes with a Reference Manual, with documentation for all functions. Have you had a look at it?
  8. @bluehash Congatulations for the new website! I like the look-and-feel. One comment: the new website seems slower than the previous one. Downloading a page takes more time. I don't know whether the pages are heavier with the new website or whether the connection is slower.
  9. Best way is to open the related header file and search for getTouch(). Which example are you trying to compile? Does the main sketch include #include <LCD_screen.h> #include <LCD_screen_font.h> #include <LCD_utilities.h> #include <Terminal12e.h> #include <Terminal6e.h> #include <Terminal8e.h> This is an unpleasant requirement from Arduino / Energia: all the libraries need to be listed on the main sketch.
  10. Actually, the I²C implementation for the ESP8266 differs from the Arduino standard. Energia complies with the Arduino standard. I'm using I²C extensively on LaunchPads and I've never experienced any issues. The MSP430F5538 is not officially supported by Energia. Have you tried with a LaunchPad officially supported by Energia, e.g. MSP430G2553 or MSP430F5529? I don't have any MPL3115A2 at hand, so I can't proceed with tests. Does its data-sheet mention some non-standard usage of I²C protocol? Finally, have you tried to add a delay and change your code to Wire.beginTransmission(MPL3115A2_ADDRESS); Wire.write(regAddr); Wire.endTransmission(); // modified delay(100); // added Wire.requestFrom(MPL3115A2_ADDRESS, 1); return;
  11. About libraries: Some Misconceptions about Libraries Posting a Library for Energia How To: Porting Libraries
  12. Have you check the Energia reference at Wire.begin(14,2); stands for a slave I²C. Use Wire.begin(); instead, as it is I²C master.
  13. See, and Are the switches configured correctly?
  14. Nice surprise! It’s here! Get your Wi-Fi® SensorTag today Get data from 10 sensors to the cloud in minutes Connect to the cloud in minutes with this ready-to-use demo platform Run applications on 2 AAA batteries Learn more
  15. DAC

    Great! Feel free to share the libraries.
  16. Perform a search on this very forum, as the topic has already been raised and answered many times. See'>I
  17. If you look at the CC3100 data-sheet, you'll see the BoosterPack has its own regulator to deliver up to 350mA. So there is no need to duplicate the 3.3V rail. Providing 5V to the LaunchPad is enough. Read section 2.4 Power of the data-sheet.
  18. What kind of external power do you plan to use? What kind of connection? USB could power both, LP + BP. The CC3100 data-sheet has a whole section about how to power. See
  19. Check the data-sheets for power consumption, especially the peek required by the CC3100 WiFi radio. 5V and 3.3V power rails are exposed. Check the schematics for the connecting the external power correctly, and for isolating the programmer/emulator part.
  20. You need to dig into the aJSON library. Basically, the library only manages the { } and structure for formatting the message. You can prepare a JSON-compliant message with plain string functions instead of using that library. { "LED" : 1 } Find more at
  21. No problem, that's how one learns. Similarly, it is a good opportunity to read the data-sheet,'>CC3200 SimpleLink
  22. I'm being tired of reading posts by newbies that do not respect the most basic elements of the netiquette. Some examples: No previous search. Questions posted when answers are already available. Topics posted twice or thrice. Rude comments. Topics in capital letters. Twitter-style acronyms instead of fully spelled words. How to welcome newbies and keep the 43oh a nice place for everyone? I know netiquette deals with most of these issues. How to make newbies aware of it and enforce it?
  23. Another idea from another forum: When a visitor is typing her question in, the forum scans it and shows answers. Basically, the forum goes through the question, extracts the keywords and performs a search based on them. The underlying software is used in many forums. Please find attached an example with a basic question on the RedBear forum.