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  1. @guycs The library developed by @RobG does support ILI9341. Please give it a try.
  2. Please find a library for the I
  3. The problem is due to RAM size. The 4.2" BWR e-ink display is 400 x 300 pixels x 2 colours x 2 pages = 480,000 bits = 60,000 bytes. Although the MSP432 features 64 KB, part of the RAM is used by RTOS and thus the remaining RAM can't afford the 60,000 bytes. Furthermore, the library from Pervasive Displays doesn't implement the primitives for the 4.2" BWR e-ink display.
  4. Set Show verbose output during compilation on the Energia preferences. Launch a compilation. On the pane on the bottom of Energia, search for the .bin file.
  5. Those boards weren't available when the library was released, so it is worth giving a try. More generally about libraries, read Some Misconceptions about Libraries.
  6. You're welcome ! in the front post of this thread, the library is said to support the ILI9341 controller. Have you tried it?
  7. Which MSP LaunchPad? Have you installed and configured the drivers on CCS?
  8. Hi! Unfortunately, the LCD_screen Library Suite is no longer maintained. This thread is about the (Universal) Color LCD graphics library, developed by @RobG. The ILI9341 is a pretty standard controller. Have you searched for an Arduino library?
  9. No problem on my MSP432 + Educational BoosterPack. Everything works as expected. Again, you can use a more advanced IDE that allows the selection of libraries. On macOS, try embedXcode.
  10. Hi! It looks like this is a bug coming from Energia. Energia parses the main sketch and takes all the libraries, in this case Screen_K35_SPI and Screen_HX8353E, when only the latter is required. As a consequence, files LCD_screen.cpp, LCD_screen_font.cpp and LCD_utilities.cpp are built twice and linked twice, resulting in the conflicts you've reported. What to do? Search for the folder of the Kentec 35 SPI library. On macOS, it is located at ~/Library/Energia15/packages/energia/hardware/msp432r/4.9.1/libraries/Kentec_35_SPI Zip this folder and delete it. Launch the build again. Alternatively, you can use a more advanced IDE that allows the selection of libraries. On macOS, try embedXcode.
  11. Normally, a library working on Arduino should work on Energia, as both are based on the Wiring framework. This requires the library uses high-level libraries for the peripherals, like Wire for I²C, SPI for SPI, Serial for UART. Those high-level libraries act as hardware abstraction layers. The only exception comes from MCU-specific code, like dealing with registers or features specific to a MCU. For example, the Arduino Uno uses n AVR MCU while LaunchPads run on MSP430 and ARM Cortex-M MCUs. In such a case, developing the library from scratch is often the fastest and most secure option. For SD card and displays, there are many libraries already available for Energia. Just perform a search on this forum.
  12. We can consider Energia as a disruptive technology, in a way it allows a whole new group of users to develop on micro-controllers. Another strong trend is frugal innovation popular among companies, where a prototype developed with Energia may be good enough to be launched on the market. The major difference between Energia and other Arduino-like frameworks is, Energia relies on professional-grade SDKs. Energia is based on TI-DriverLib and Energia MT on TI-RTOS now SimpleLink.
  13. No problem! Could you try somewhere else without a proxy?
  14. No duplicate post please. Are you behind a proxy?
  15. No duplicate post please. Are you behind a proxy?
  16. No, hardware is the same, except the MOD version is pre-certified.
  17. Have a look at the file package_index.json under ~/Library/Energia15/package_index.json for macOS or %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Energia15\package_index.json for Windows. My package_index.json contains { "name": "Energia MSP432 EMT RED boards", "architecture": "msp432r", "version": "4.9.1", "category": "Energia", "url": "", "archiveFileName": "msp432r-4.9.1.tar.bz2", "checksum": "SHA-256:617aa2c65addb9e3a0831b015ce2619abafd27d86b74ad75b0449063ca10421e", "size": "21093293", "boards": [ {"name": "MSP_EXP432P401R"} ], "toolsDependencies": [ { "packager":"energia", "name":"arm-none-eabi-gcc", "version":"4.8.4-20140725" }, { "packager":"energia", "name":"dslite", "version":"" }, { "packager":"energia", "name":"ino2cpp", "version":"1.0.2" } ] },
  18. Call the menu Tools > Boards > Boards Manager and select Energia MSP432 RED boards version 4.9.1.
  19. There are two versions of the board packages for the MSP432 on Energia: one unspecified, another for red MSP432. Try both.
  20. Does uploading with CCS work? If CCS manages to upload but Energia fails, it may be related to the firmware version used by the built-in programmer-debugger of the LaunchPad. Normally, DSLite updates the firmware. Also please check the path to the Energia IDE doesn't contain any spaces. Same for the project.
  21. Have you tried with another USB cable?
  22. Have you installed the drivers? See
  23. What's the colour of your MSP432 LaunchPad, black or red?