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  1. Feel free to perform a search on this very forum about compatibility about hardware and software between Arduino and LaunchPad. Check list of possible issues: 5 V-operated devices do not work with 3.3 V-powered LaunchPad Arduino libraries with specific AVR registers do not work with MSP430 ...
  2. Have you tried with Energia 17?
  3. The attachInterrupt is a standard function of the Arduino / Wiring framework. There are two frameworks for the LaunchPad CC3200: Energia based on the Arduino / Wiring, and Energia MT or Energia Multi-Tasking based on TI-RTOS. For more information on the latter, please refer to Introducing Energia MT, LaunchPad MSP432: RTOS for Everyone and Exploring RTOS with Galaxia on Energia MT. For more advanced RTOS applications where priority is critical, please consider Code Composer Studio, the official IDE from Texas Instruments.
  4. Have you installed the Energia CC3200 EMT boards packages and selected the CC3200 LaunchPad EMT board?
  5. I faced similar issue, and this experience suggested me to post If the forum is moderated, you should report the offensive post.
  6. Use Code Composer Studio. It imports Energia projects and provides all the views one can imagine.
  7. No need to post twice! No need to use capital letters! See Netiquette for Newbies.
  8. I guess this library has been developed for Arduino, with code specific to a board and the AVR MCU. You need a library with no assembler and no MCU-specific code. Have you tried the library that ships with Energia?
  9. Posted thrice. Please read Netiquette for Newbies.
  10. Have a look at SensorsWeather_Library, available through the Library Manager on Energia.
  11. So unfortunately, don't expect others to do your homework. Instead, they may provide you pointers. See Netiquette for Newbies.
  12. Is this homework for school?
  13. Something like float result = (1.0 * random(1, 10) / 100.0) + 1839765.7; See
  14. Which OS? On macOS, see under ~/Library/Energia15.
  15. No need to double-post with
  16. @Medsimo Can you provide an example of what you're looking for? Actually, I don't understand your requirements.
  17. I wanted to post a comment on the CC3200 Wi-Fi SensorTag basic operations, OTA firmware update and provisioning. CAPTCHA asked for seven x 8. Isn't 56 the right answer? First problem: Even if I provided the CAPTCHA with the right answer, my comment was refused. Second problem: Unfortunately, going back to the initial page shows all the fields including the comment have been erased. Thank you!
  18. Try modulo. result = random_number % 10;
  19. Check the connections at
  20. Check whether any interference occurs with the BoosterPack Checker.
  21. @jithin97 Sorry for the confusion. There are two BoosterPacks with sensors: the Sensor Hub BoosterPack (yours, left), and the Sensors BoosterPack (mine, right). The library I've mentioned refers to the latter. For the former, please consider: Adafruit TMP006 Library Adafruit BMP085/BMP180 Library SHT21 Arduino Library (here or there)
  22. See
  23. See boards.txt, platform.txt and programmers.txt. Exact location on the hard-disk depends on the OS you use.
  24. As per Two Repositories for MSP430 MCUs and Two Repositories for MSP430 MCUs, LG = legacy generation = current tool-chain NG = new generation = new tool-chain —not yet released To compile the new Energia NG, you need JDK 1.8 and a specific command, as per Unable to build Energia on Mac OS X sudo ant -buildfile build-energia.xml clean dist To all other questions, unfortunately, I don't know. @energia is the best suited to provide answers. Actually, I'm no longer using the Energia IDE, only the board packages and APIs. I'm using embedXcode on macOS and Visual Code.
  25. Release notes: GitHub repository: