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  1. Call the menu Tools > Boards > Boards Manager and select Energia MSP432 RED boards version 4.9.1.
  2. There are two versions of the board packages for the MSP432 on Energia: one unspecified, another for red MSP432. Try both.
  3. Does uploading with CCS work? If CCS manages to upload but Energia fails, it may be related to the firmware version used by the built-in programmer-debugger of the LaunchPad. Normally, DSLite updates the firmware. Also please check the path to the Energia IDE doesn't contain any spaces. Same for the project.
  4. Have you tried with another USB cable?
  5. Have you installed the drivers? See
  6. What's the colour of your MSP432 LaunchPad, black or red?
  7. If you have a logic analyser, check the speed of the I²C port. The IC may not be compatible with 400 kHz.
  8. Pull-up resistors?
  9. How you tried with another I²C device?
  10. Good to know. The TM4C129 LaunchPad has multiple I²C ports. Have you tried the other ones? To use a specific I²C port, you may need to specify e.g. for port 0 Wire.begin(); Wire.setModule(0);
  11. Help yourself: perform a search on DS1307 on this very forum, read the datasheet. Hint: voltage.
  12. Some references of the extended MSP430 family are available on affordable boards (typically USD10~30), called LaunchPad. See and for MSP430-based LaunchPad boards. I like the MSP-EXP430F5529LP with 128 kB Flash and 10 kB RAM, priced at USD13. Good news, most of the LaunchPads (including the MSP430F5529) are supported by Energia, an Arduino-compatible IDE with the same framework. Learn more at and download from
  13. The problem with old MacBooks is whether they can handle the last release of macOS, numbered 10.12.5 and named Sierra. Apple modifies the USB quite often, resulting with bugs coming and going.
  14. Feel free to perform a search on this very forum about compatibility about hardware and software between Arduino and LaunchPad. Check list of possible issues: 5 V-operated devices do not work with 3.3 V-powered LaunchPad Arduino libraries with specific AVR registers do not work with MSP430 ...