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  1. There is no need to post 4 times!
  2. There is no need to post 4 times!
  3. There is no need to post 4 times!
  4. There is no need to post 4 times!
  5. @phenyl Thank you for reporting. Feel free to open a ticket at
  6. Is ground connected between the two boards?
  7. Have you visited A pins map is provided for each supported LaunchPad. Have you performed a search about I²C on this very forum? It contains the answer to your question —hint: pull-ups. Why are you posting the same question twice? One suffices.
  8. Latest board package is 1.0.2 for MSP430. If you dig into ~/Library/Energia15/packages/energia/hardware/msp430/1.0.2/libraries/Wire, you will see that the default I²C port on pins 9 and 10 is implemented with a software driver (twi_sw.c and twi_sw.h). There are 2 buffers TwoWire::rxBuffer and TwoWire::txBuffer with size BUFFER_LENGTH = 16 (Wire.cpp and Wire.h). For a more compact I²C library, but only on pins 15 and 16, use Energia 12.
  9. Which framework? I presume you're using Energia. Which release of Energia? Which release of the MSP430 boards package?
  10. Although all the LaunchPads feature a programmer-debugger, sometimes an external one might be useful. Segger has just launched the J-Link EDU Mini, with all the software and expertise of Segger, priced at just USD18! I'm very happy with the larger Segger J-Link Edu priced at USD60. I've ordered one J-Link EDU Mini and plan to review it.
  11. Just perform a search on this very forum with ILI9341. There are many libraries available.
  12. Almost impossible to help you if you don't know the controller of the screen and the interface it uses. Further more, the board looks to be an Arduino shield, so it may not be compatible with the MSP430. The MSP430F447 drives segmented displays, not TFT 320x240.
  13. Which OS? I guess you're running on Windows. This is a known issue Energia 18 uses the arduino_builder build manager, which is very slow. For faster performance, use Energia 17, which relies on another build manager.
  14. @guycs The library developed by @RobG does support ILI9341. Please give it a try.