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  1. You're welcome! The Energia MSP432 EMT red boards requires the red MSP432 LaunchPad, while the Energia MSP432 boards work with either black or red variants. Which is the colour of your MSP432 LaunchPad?
  2. I played with the LifeGame example and experienced no problem. Which release of the MSP432 board package are you using? Call the menu Tools > Board > Boards Manager.
  3. Check the usual suspects: Does the I²C device run at 3.3V? Otherwise, use a logic-level converter. Are pull-ups installed? Try 10, 4.7 or 2.2 kΩ for the SDA and SCL lines. In case the LaunchPad provides multiple I²C ports, is the correct port selected? Try Wire.setModule(0); // or other port number Wire.begin(); Still nothing? Use a logic analyser to trace the signals on the I²C port. (To be continued...)
  4. Usual suspects to check: Pull-up resistors Logic-level converter for 5V
  5. See the other thread at
  6. I've just posted the LaunchPad MSP430FR2433 Pins Map but now there are two similar threads: LaunchPad MSP430FR2433 Pins Map 11194-launchpad-msp430fr2433-pins-map, and LaunchPad MSP430FR2433 Pins Map 11195-launchpad-msp430fr2433-pins-map Why is that so? I hope this very thread isn't going to appear twice!
  7. LaunchPad MSP430FR2433 Pins Map
  8. See related issue at
  9. @energia Any hint on how to deactivate the watch-dog?
  10. Have you checked the data-sheet?
  11. The WDT_IF_DeInit function doesn't seem to deactivate the interrupt. void WDT_IF_DeInit() { // // Unlock to be able to configure the registers // MAP_WatchdogUnlock(WDT_BASE); // // Disable stalling of the watchdog timer during debug events // MAP_WatchdogStallDisable(WDT_BASE); // // Clear the interrupt // MAP_WatchdogIntClear(WDT_BASE); // // Unregister the interrupt // MAP_WatchdogIntUnregister(WDT_BASE); }
  12. The example works fine on Energia. To rearm the watchdog and start to 10 seconds again, just perform g_ulWatchdogCycles = 0; Now, how to deactivate the watchdog? In a typical application, I want to check one specific part, i.e. WiFi provisioning. The process looks like: Set and start watchdog WiFi provisioning If WiFi provisioning fails, the watchdog resets the board. Stop and clear watchdog Once this part has been completed successfully, I want to deactivate the watchdog.
  13. Actually, I'm using that library for Energia.
  14. The G2553 has only 512 bytes of RAM. Go for a LaunchPad which MCU has more RAM.
  15. Question posted twice. Answer at the other thread.